Hybrid kit - some help needed!


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Hi good folks,

I am in the process of assembling my very first hybrid e-kit and have been spending the past few days researching like crazy.

I currently own a Tama Silverstar custom birch 5p.

2box TrigIt is what I am looking to purchase. Has anyone here gotten any good results with these hooked up to any older/newer Roland or Alesis module? Would it be wise to invest a little more and get the Roland RT's instead?

As for modules I have been looking at the TD-11, TD-17, TD-25 and Alesis Strike Pro as they all are within my budget and include drum-tec's excellent Live Sound Edition.

Here is the thing. I don't like small cymbals. I think it looks a kindy goofy having 12"-13"-cymbals on a big acoustic kit.
I would like to use a ride that is atleast 16" or 18". For instance Alesis' 3-zone cymbal. From what I understand neither the TD-11 or TD-17 support 3-zone cymbals of this size or other brand? The "biggest" compatible ride would be the CY-15R due to the stereo input jack-system? Can anyone confirm this? Am I right to believe that I atleast would need a TD-25 or Alesis Strike Pro to play a larger cymbal/other brand cymbal?

One more question: Do any of you got the the ATV 14" hi hat on any of the above mentioned modules and is pleased with the results?

That's it for now! :eek:
Thanks alot, any feedback much appreciated!