Hybrid kit set up

Hi guys,
I'm looking at buying a sampling pad to have on the side of my kit. The purpose of it is to have a way of pausing or changing the back track music whilst gigging and maybe have 1 pad to use for samples, not much more than that. I've seen that the SPD-SX has a pedal attachment that can do this which would be ideal.

However the SPD-SX is pretty expensive for my budget and from what I've seen regarding the motherboard faults isn't that reliable either if its moving around a lot (which it will be). The only comment I would make is that I'm very new to this kind of stuff so 'easy to use' would be another big plus. So my my question is
1. Is there a cheaper way to achieve what I need to without buying the SPD-SX that will last or should I just fork out and accept that I'm not going to use many of its designed features.

Once I've got some info to go on hopefully I can find a store near me (Uk) and talk to someone about it.



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Cheap backing track? Use an MP3 player or phone! Start/pause? Bluetooth button/footswitch, or just touch the screen.

Something more fancy? Cymatic LP16 (about £150 on the bay)

Something more drummy? Roland TM-2 - £100ish typical 2nd user... Add 1-4 drum pads to suit for £10-15 each.