Hurricane Songs

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Hurricane Dorian will be on us in a couple days. Of course venue owners want me to keep gigging all weekend. Tonight I'm hosting an open mic at a local bar. What songs should we play?

I'm thinking:

Gimme Shelter
Who'll Stop The Rain
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Like A Hurricane - Neil Young
Jumping Jack Flash

Any other ideas?
Riders on the storm . The Doors

Texas Flood. SRV

Thunderstruck. AC/DC

Against the wind. Bob Seeger

When the levee breaks . Led Zeppelin

It’s raining again . Tom Petty

Storm front . Billy Joel

Clapton. Let it rain
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Bob Dylan - Hurricane (although, not about hurricanes); Buckets of Rain; Shelter From The Storm
James Taylor - Fire And Rain
Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain; The Rain Song
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ain't Gonna' Rain Anymore
Prince - Purple Rain
Sting - Heavy Cloud No Rain


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Thunder - Imagine Dragons
Against the Wind - Bob Seger
the Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks
Feel the Thunder - Blue Oyster Cult
Thunder and Lightning - Thin Lizzy

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Songs in the Dorian mode? Very common, but it might give you something to talk about between songs. I copied a short list of a few:

To hear the Dorian scale on a keyboard, start on D and it's straight up the white keys to the next D


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Anne Murray's "Snowbird". Cause Dorian is just like a Florida Snowbird. It moves 1 mile an hour, can't pick a lane, and has no idea when to turn.


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Mary Chapin Carpenter Twist and Shout.
Living on the Delta is quite a show, there's a hurricane party every time I go.


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There's always Couldn't Stand the Weather by SRV. Maybe Singin' In The Rain if you're feeling like Fred Astaire.

K Chez

Throwin' it back to 1981 - this band was kick ass!
Power trio-check!
All three members sing-check!
Bonzo-esq drum solo at the end-check.