Humbling Experience


Matt Bo Eder

That is very cool. I try not to complain too much about having the right stuff as well. It's all about the music you play and the feeling you generate from others. I do like the fact that you found two duos of drums and xylophone - that should give hope to all of our mallet buddies too ;)

We should all be humbled!


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The Kit? As long as the sizes are to my liking, I am a little guy so I like a 20" bass drum and shallow toms, I dont realy care what it is. Now cymbals are another thing entirely.

King Tiger

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I'm diggin' it. They're playing along, not a care in the world of how their kits look. It's for the love of drums and playing. I remember some years back having "less than desirable" equipment, but I was still happier than a pig in the mud. Kinda like those guys, but without the sombreros. We are more fortunate than we can imagine.


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It's certainly a step up from 5 gal. buckets. Plus he's actually out playing and not typing on the internet like I am right now.


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I went to Mexico this last week. It was a humbling experience.

We really should not be complaining about our drum sets no matter what set we have.

Check out the drum sets that these two drummers had:

I was in Mexico recently myself, Cancun. Those looked like similar arrangements. I think the street musicians are pretty organized there. In one district next to the restraunts it looked like they had a building where they could store their stuff and hang out on break.