Huge gig this past weekend - Benton, AR


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Hey guys! Had a huge show this weekend with my band. I've been trying for years to get on to the Amplify Music Festival here in Arkansas, and this year it finally happened.

Multi band show with Danny Gokey and Casting Crowns headlining. Huge stage, amazing sound and light crew.

Backline kit really surprised me. It was a Yamaha Maple Absolute. Very good sounding kit! I used my Rosewood snare and cymbals (Zildjians).

We made the local news in Little Rock which was awesome also. Here's 2 quick fb live videos from some friends in the crowd.

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I'm familiar with all those bands, all I can say is dude that's great eat it up man. My band opened for Rez band in 1984 I believe that was a big moment for me. Then another time we opened for white cross that was awesome too


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great playing!! And yes, definitely soak in that environment! for most of us, that only happens a few times in our career!!


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Much better video and audio from the show. Got 2 more videos but my buddy recorded them in 4k and they're 28gb lol.

I absolutely love hearing the KCons from this point of view. Absolutely amazing cymbals!

Cymbal setup is:
15" K Sweet top over A Avedis Bottom
22" K Con Overhammered Thin Ride
22" K Con Renaissance Ride
22" K Custom Special Dry Crash with 12" Spiral Stacker
24" Concept Orchestral Ride

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