Hows this new cymbal set up sound to you guys!


Hey guys, this is a list of Cymbals i'll be hopefully getting for Christmas. I've been at many stores, tried many different cymbals and these are the ones I like the most. Do you think this is a good cymbal setup?

Sabian 22" - Paragon Ride Cymbal
Sabian - 17" Holly China Cymbal
Sabian AAX 14" - X-cellerator Hats or Stage
ZILDJIAN 18" OR 17" Avedis Custom Crash Cymbal


These are additions and replacements to my old cymbals B8's and ZBT's Yuck! haha

By the way, I was also thinking about purchasing a custom A set of hats but i'm not sure which is better, I love the AAX's too aha, what do you guys think? I like crisp/bright sounding hats but with a nice solid feel when you play them, hard to explain the feel part.
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Terrence R

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I gatta say, the paragon ride is one of the best Sabian rides out there in my opinion. I'm yet to hit any holy china, but all I've ever about them is good stuff. I love A custom crashes so I definitely think that's a great crash choice. The only comment about the 17" and 18" A Customs that I own is that the 17" has really nice clarity and decays perfectly. The only thing that I would complain about is that it's not real loud compared to the 16" and 18". I find the 16" is a little bit splashy for my taste. The 18" AC is awesome and projects like no other. The main difference between the 17" and 18" is the bell is larger on the 18". And the clarity isn't as good as the 17" and 16".
For hi-hats, I would give the 14" A custom mastersound hats a try, not the A series tho. Also, I heard great things about New Beats too, but I never played them. Good luck.


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Yes, those are great cymbals. I would get the 18" crash since you already have a 16". Some 16" crashes sound good, while others sound a bit too "splashy" to me. Peace and goodwill.

The Black Page Dude

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I think your choices are very sound ... alot of different soundscapes there. The Avedis lines are a great crash for most any gig.

The holy china isn't something I ever warmed to but has some very interesting qualities ... I think in this mix it will sound great!

Post a video so we can hear when you get them set up!