How's this all work


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I've been drumming for a long time with acoustic sets. I've recently joined a band where I'll be using my ekit. Yamaha DTXplorer. I also have a Kat KTMP pad that I use for effects with my acoustic set. I'd like to use the Kat pad for some additional sounds with the ekit. I believe there's a way to connect to a laptop and play samples. I'm not sure how this all get "wired-up". Does anyone have instructions on how the ekit, pad and laptop all get connected and talk to each other? I'm also looking for suggestions on what software I'll need on the laptop to make this work. Thanks in advance.


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Your dtxplorer module has an 'aux in'. You can use that to play samples from a laptop.

To use the audio outs of the dtx and ktmp together, you'll need a mixer.

You might also be able to get an adapter for the outs of the ktmp to go into the dtx aux in.
But I can't see a way around using a mixer if you want to use all three at once.


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Thanks. A mixer is probably the easiest way around this and I do have one. I'll have to see if they make a USB to 1/4 plug to connect the laptop.


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I don't think you can get audio via usb but your laptop would have an 1/8 headphone jack
Yeah, I'm pretty sure only USB-C has a pinout for analog audio. USB 2.0 would probably need an interface in between to act as an A/DA converter.

Depending on the fidelity of your laptop's headphone jack and sound card, that's something you may want to consider.

Also, if you're already committed to using a laptop anyway, it might not be a terrible idea to run your DTXplorer through midi into the laptop and use one of the myriad VST programs.

Getting a mixer of some kind is definitely something you're going to want for yourself regardless, if only so you can hear it all yourself.