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After years of perusing, I've finally registered! That sticky looked a bit crowded, but it has a good format...

Real name? Alex
Age? 19
How long have you been playing drums for? 5 years
Origin of username? Poland via a likely german spelling
Top 5 favorite drummers? hmm. influentially, probably Brann Dailor, Neil Peart, Vinnie Paul, Bobby Rock, John Bonham. not that i sound particularly like or near as good as any of them
Make of your drum kit? the maple PDP X7 in pearlescent black. got tired of lugging around so much stuff, so it's just 3 up 1 down now with my 16 being something of a small table/shelf nowadays
Make of cymbals? mostly zildjians, though by coincidence and not really by any brand loyalty
Where do you practice? my basement
Are you in a band? two. possibly three...hard to tell sometimes
Originals or covers? mostly original with a few covers
Style? Metal. power, groove, thrash, death, heavy, you name it. i also love lots of syncopation and dynamics and groove in my playing, so there's a lot of that mixed in. my practice is mostly free improv for ideas and band stuff for chops building. i also practice the basic pop/rock beats whenever i remember to. i dabble lightly in jazz. unfortunately my second band is a punk band, so there's that too.
Favorite food? gyros
What country? 'Merrica!
Fun fact about me? given the lack of any picture or face-to-face contact, i find it very important to let the reader know that i have a mullet. at age 19. right now. im bringin' it back single-handed. also i fully intend to marry Ke$ha, and my girlfriend is well aware of this.
What got me into drumming? years of less-than-gratifying school band percussion and the catalyst of hearing Pantera on the radio for the first time, coupled with an adolescent, no doubt hormone-driven desire to violently bash everything. add my first crappy cosmic percussion kit and a few years to percolate in the basement, and you get the mediocre metal monster you see today.