Howdy from Wisconsin!


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Hey y'all! I'm a newbie drummer currently living on the West Coast...of Wisconsin...for now!

My significant other (a guitarist) got really inspired to actually make music about six months ago, after we saw a bunch of bands of varying skill levels play in Chicago. We both knew that wherever the project went, it would need drums. Running a drum machine seemed rather boring, so I thought, why not try acoustic drums?

So, in November, I picked up a practice pad and sticks, dusted off my old metronome from my woodwind/singing days, and started in on rudiments. It was so much fun that I picked up a beginner drum kit (Pearl Roadshow...local Craigslist is sad), put better heads on the floor toms, and picked up decent hi-hats and a ride cymbal. I'm currently working through 4-Way Coordination, Syncopation, rudiments, and learning some basic grooves.

Learning the drums has been such a fun journey so far - there's so much to learn, so many possible variations on any pattern, and it feels more natural to me than any other instrument I've played. I'm looking forward to learning more about the art of drumming from all the experienced folks on this forum!


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Love it. So your goal is to make music with your significant other?

Have a ton of fun! You're on a good track.

Let us know in the proper section if you need any assistance or have questions. On the whole, we're relatively helpful around here and there's some good talent.


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Welcome you've come to the right place. I use to play with others but now I just play with myself. Wait that didn't come out right-or did it?????? It's a fun place too.