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Still the relative noob, yet obsessive enough over tone, I ask, "have you experimented with felts of various diameters, thicknesses, and densities to tweak your sound?".

If so, what have you discovered?


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2 uses of felt for me:
1. A 2 inch thick felt strip on bass drum reso head, and on any undampened bass batter head.
2. A 3/4 inch diameter metal washer (or other light steel disc) folded into a 2 inch long strip of felt, and attached to rim of snare. Sits at edge, acts as a very effective and light dampener to take off harsh overtones ( I don't use moongel)


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Some people feel that felts can affect the sustain and tone of a cymbal if you crank it enough; I don't think so. I used to play with no felts on top and when I started using two for a cymbal I noticed no difference.


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I use hi hat felts for all my cymbals. They're smaller and harder so in theory my cymbal should ring out as much as possible. In reality you probably can't hear a difference. I don't really know because I never tested them. I mainly like them because they have a snug fit on the plastic cymbal crown thing I use. There are no wingnuts on cymbal crowns. I don't even use a top felt, it gets in my way. The hi hat felts don't come off unless I pull them off and it makes my life easier.

Terrence R

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My Zildjian 16" China Boy High sounds much better with the felts and wing nut cranked tight. I know it's not good for the cymbal, but I sure do love the noticeable ( better ) difference in sound and sustain.

Some drummers do this with splashes. I do it with my AAX 10" splash. But not with my AAX 11" Xplosion splash. The xplosion sounds better set loose IMO. I certainly notice the difference.

Doesn't Mike Portney crank his splashes fairly tight.


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Resurrecting this thread because I was thinking about it today.

I mix and match my felts depending on the cymbal and the desired outcome. I play Keropes almost exclusively, and I find that I can get a drier or washier sound depending on the felt I choose. Like Larryace, use the dense hi-hat felts for just about everything, but have a few others that I use as well. I find the felts that come with hi-hat stands (the broad ones under the bottom cymbal) are particularly useful to dry out a cymbal a little.

When I first discovered this years ago, I was amazed at the difference that these make to the overall sound of the cymbals. Something I'd never really considered when starting out in the 90s :) #themoreyouknow


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I don't use top felts on my crashes, but I (usually) do on my ride and always do on my china.

I just recently tried Cympads, which are neoprene instead of felt, and I was surprisingly underwhelmed. I didn't notice any more openness but they compress unevenly so the slight tilt in my crashes and ride caused them to become wedge shaped, which in time over exaggerated the amount of tilt because the pad was no longer flat. Very strange.

I want back to my normal choice, which is the thick Yamaha felts. They're a little smaller in diameter than many felts and they're pretty dense, so they don't compress unevenly or seem to have any muting effect on the cymbal.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Nothing special. Just what came with my Gibraltar stands. I keep things pretty loose, though. I change sleeves a couple of times a year, but the felts seem to last

There is a difference, but obviously the splashes is where you'll really hear it if you tighten the felts down.

Nothing special on anything else either. I have several boxes of moon gel. Are they as hip as the tacs? Probably not, but they're cheap and do what I need them to.