How to write a music ad


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i believe you forgot a few criteria.

9. gigs must be booked before a complete band is formed, expect 20 #1 hits to be churned out within a few hours at most.
10. always ask for a rehearsal space and equipment for you to use because your mothers basement just isn't big enough for the colossus that this band will be and your "pro" walmart brand drum kit "now in adult sizes!" if just oozing with too much awesomeness to allow it to be used for actually playing music...
11. must be 420 friendly cuz i'm jones'n, i have no money, and my pot dealer cut me off. oh and by the way bring some beer too.
12. all potential band mates must be the opposite sexxx and hottt cuz the music scene is really a giant dating pool i otherwise should be shunned.

at least these are the normal qualities be searched for on our cl. i'll go look around a bit and i'm sure there will be more to come.....

oh yeah one more..
mUz TyPe LiK dIs AnD sPeLl LiK a 3Rd gRaDeR tO lUk KeWL
HA! Great additions to the list.