How to Upload a Photo to the Forum


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This is intended to help those using a Mac in uploading photos the first time. I am not a Mac expert, and there may be other ways, but this works for me.

1.If the photo is taken with a mobile device, email it to yourself so you can save it on you iMac. Open the email and save the photo to your desktop.
2. If it has been downloaded to your camera, from a chip or memory card, open Photo or iPhoto, highlight that photo, and drag it to your desktop.
3. Now that the photo is on your desk top, double click on it to open it in Preview.
4. In the menu bar click on Tools, then Adjust Size.
5. Click Custom, use the drop arrow on the right
6. Select 640 x 480
7. Click OK, close Preview. The photo may appear smaller now but the size is fine for the forum.

Now follow the steps to attach it to your DW Forum post.

1. After typing your text, click on the paperclip icon at the top of the post box. This will open the Upload File from your computer box.
2. Click on Choose File
3. Choose Desktop, highlight the photo and click Choose
4. The file will now appear in the Upload File box.
5. Click Upload and close this box.
Your photo will now be attached to your post and you can click Submit.
Hope this helps.