How to teach elementary kids percussion/rythym?


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Starting this sunday, a buddy and I are going to be teaching a 30 minute percussion/rythym class to some elementary students at my church....I'm wondering, how can we best teach these kids? We're going to focus mainly on hand percussion and finding rythyms to go along to an acoustic guitar player (for worship music especially)... I'm going to start the first day with having them follow me with simple clapping rythyms and some hits on our legs... How I can we best lead this class and how can we teach/explain the concept of rythym to elementary kids?


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bring instruments and allow them to play. they'll get bored watching someone else do it.

Also, teach them how to dance and move, but when the music stops, make it clear that everyone sits down with the instrument(s) on the floor.


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With a lot of patience. I know it sounds stupid. But just remember to be patient. Some good advice here!

Good luck!