How to start a new thread?


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Hello everyone, I'm happy to have joined after years of reading posts. Can anyone tell me how to start a new thread.
Regards Nick


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Hi Nick! And welcome to the forum.

Well you just started one... - Just kidding, I moved your post into a new thread because in that other thread it was off-topic.

Well the first thing is to choose the forum section you want to post in, then click the blue "New Thread" button at the top, left handside. In the next screen you can choose a thread title (that's a story in itself - we encourage people to come up with clear and informative thread titles instead of "Please help!! Having problems!!").
That's it! Pretty simple.

You might already be experienced as far as the forum structure is concerned. Typically new members would post in the wrong section sometimes - the posts would then get moved by the admins/moderators.

We have a specific section to post videos in - the /Your Place/Your Playing/ section:

But if it's something technique related it can also (that is - either or) posted in the /Drum Technique/ section:

Last but not least there's an /Introduce Yourself/ section where you can create a new thread or use the existing sticky thread:
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Hey arky thanks heaps, where abouts is the forum selection icon? I just used one of your links for technique but I'm not sure if anyone has put any new posts on it.
Regards Nick