How to share video with band mates?


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I recorded my bands performance last week and I want to share it with them. YouTube will copyright strike even a private video. Any ideas on how to share? Can you email an hour and a half long video?


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get a gmail acount and use google drive. or usse a file sharing site like wetransfer or megaupload or something :)
Yup, you can use Google drive. I know that there are probably size limits, but I'm not sure. Some folks used to use dropbox back in the day, but I don't even know if that's a thing anymore.


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Chop the video into smaller pieces.. an hour and a half is a huge file to deal with. Defintiely noy in an email..
Post it on Google drive or apple iCloud or DropBox if you just want to share the raw files.
If you post it on YouTube.. there are 3 settings
-Public anyone can see it,
Private - only selected people can see it
Hidden (or something like that) - anyone that has the link can find it.
IF you're sharing among friends YouTube won't ban it.. if its cover material - just give credit where due.. Like band 'XYZ performing a cover of Megastars of the Universe' etc..


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Best to get a website set up for yourself or the band. Then you can upload to it and share links with your band mates. No YT, google or FB involved. You'll need to register a domain name, including budget hosting (maybe 50 bucks a year).