how to refinish vintage black drum hoops


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So to help paint a picture of what i'm trying to accomplish i have my Ludwig standard bass hoops that have that vintage black hoop with wrap around the center and there is quite a lot of paint that has been taken off due to the previous owners lack of care. So from what i gathered is that what is required to do is to sand off all the paint and repaint it. so my question is, is this the correct way to go about this and what paint looks closest to the original paint used back in the day?


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I would see if I could get the wrap off of the hoop, sand the hoop lightly to smooth out the abused hoops , spray them black again and put the wrap back on. You could clean the wrap while you had it off.


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I would just mask the wrapped area if it is on nice and tight still. If it's coming off, just take it off and re-tape it after you are done. For the hoop, sand it 'til its pretty smooth, then take some vinyl spackle (the stuff for filling nail holes in wood trim) and fill any dents and chips in the hoop. Sand it all nice and smooth then prime it. Check for any little dents/scratches/chips you missed the first time and fix those, then paint it. Pretty much any satin black paint will work.