How to record drums that sound like James Browns?


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The title says it all! How many mics and what type of mics? I'm looking for the low budget method cause i'm broke. What i poses is one shure mic + a cable that probably needs to be replaced and an audiobox usb driver. Right now i use a headphone to register the kick and i've hung the shure above the kit. It sounds decent, but the headphones messes it up a bit. Some advise would be very helpful!

Bo Eder

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I would experiment with two: one in front of the bass drum, and one over head about two stick heights over the center of the kit. Ideally, I'd put a mic on the snare as well, but when you record this way, alot of it depends on mic placement, the room, and your processing, but it can be done. Time to start moving things around! Good luck!

Anthony Amodeo

a couple mics should be fine.

on those old recordings the were using a lot of room mics and not a whole lot of close micing

I think its more in the tuning of your drums.

tight heads

it was also who was playing the drums as well....Jabo and Clyde had a certain touch

let the experimenting begin


That approach never works. They did what they did and they got what they got. It can never be duplicated. It wasn't a formula-- it's just what went down.

You have to find your own way instead of chasing someone else's.