How to record 9 mics with a Zoom R16 ?


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First of all, i'd like to apologize in advance for the poor english level. :)
I'm from the french part of Belgium, english is not my mother tongue.

I'm going to explain you my issue.
Here is my actual configuration :
- Pearl Export series drum 22/10/12/13/16 and a snare drum (6 pieces)
- Zoom R16 USB 2.0 with 8 inputs connected to the computer
- Shure Beta 52a for the kick, Shure Beta 56 for the snare, Audix i5, Shure Sm57 (2x) for the rack toms and Sennheiser e602 for the floor tom, a matched pair of Audiotechnica Atm33a for the overheads.
I first started with 4 mics and i added progressively the mics tom.

In a few weeks, i will receive my new drum, a Mapex Saturn IV with this configuration : 22/8/10/12/14/16 + snare drum ==> 7 pieces. I play mostly progressive music, i like the idea of having a lot of diversity in the sound.
So, there will be a new tom.
That means i'm facing a problem for the recording of the new tom.
I'll have seven pieces of drum plus two overheads and 8 inputs on the Zoom R16.

I have some options :
- Using one microphone to record two toms at once, but i dunno if the result will be as good as what i get until now with one mic by tom ;

- connecting a mixer with the two overheads to the Zoom R16 (but i don't know how) and a new microphone for the tom ;

Overhead 1 and 2 ==> Mixer ==> Zoom R16 ==> computer
Kick, snare, 4 rack toms, floor tom ==> Zoom R16 ==> computer

- connecting another mixer with the two overheads mics through USB to the PC, but i don't know if i can record the Zoom in one software and the other mixer in another one and a new microphone. I have an extra input for later on the Zoom R16.

Overhead 1 and 2 ==> USB Mixer ==> computer
Kick, snare, 4 rack toms, floor tom ==> Zoom R16 ==> computer

The choice of the overheads on the mixer is, for me, the easier way to sync the record with the one from the Zoom.
By the way, i'm almost using the same system actually with the Zoom R16 in Samplitude and an USB mic (Samson CO3u, for the room) in Audacity. I'm mixing the two in Samplitude. But i think the USB mic isn't considered as an interface. My question is to know if i can record an USB interface in Samplitude and another USB mixer in another software.
I don't have Firewire connection.

I ask you what is the best solution for me, or if you have better options for me.
Oh, I would avoid the solution of buying a second Zoom R16, to save some money. :)
But, if it's the only solution, well...

Sorry again for the english.

Thanks in advance,