How to post pics and videos


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Hi folks,
I have brought this up before, but I wonder:
I don't really know anything about file size, file format kind of stuff.
I have an android phone (Moto G Power), which is what I take all my pics with.
I see some of the most gorgeous pics here (Chris Brown comes to mind) and I appreciate them all.
When I try to post pictures of my meager gear here, I am reduced to taking a very wide picture, cropping the heck out of it (I use paint 3D), so it is not "too large" and then it looks fuzzy.
It confuses me because, like I said I don't know the tech stuff AT ALL really but I see gorgeous, high quality pictures and videos.
I did recently buy a ZOOM Q2n, but still gotta look into that. I also have an older Canon Powershot ELPH190IS which I hardly ever use, but I am still not proficient with any of it.
Just seeking advice.
Thank you,


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I don't know Android, but is there a size choice on the phone when taking the photo?


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I don't know Johnny. LOL NOT very tech savvy at all...trying to find camera settings.
Nothing ever comes with a manual anymore, so I'll try to download it when I get off work.


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Digital images have dimensions in pixels. This site is optimized for images ~1200 pixels on the long dimension. Every image taken with any recent phone model will be too large for this site. Its dimensions must be reduced. I recommend this app:

Ever since @Supergrobi updated this site, it might accept larger photos, but 1200 pixels gives acceptable results for clarity and small file size.


Ugh, I go the the same issue (I've got a moto g4 or something like that) and it's super annoying. So many times I just gave up on posting a pic here because it's always "too large". I've tried changing my camera's resolution, that didn't work either. It doesn't make sense because I visit two different forums that use the same type of "platform" as this and I can post pictures fine. Most people either download an image resizer app to their phone or use a free image resizing website, again it's super annoying but it works. I just got to a point where I only bother to post pics when it's very necessary.


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You can’t directly post a video though which would be nice. I have to post on YT then add. Didn’t we use to be able to?


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You can’t directly post a video though which would be nice. I have to post on YT then add. Didn’t we use to be able to?
No. It's always been a link to an external video source. But with the current implementation we can embed the video in our posts, so it's kinda the same thing as uploading to this site.