How to play led zeppelin rock n roll

so yeah, ive got the intro sorted, but now im confused.
Some people say he played a ghost note on every beat in the main pulse, when he wasn't hitting a normal snare (exlcluding fills) but from the tabs ive looked at, this doesnt seem to be the case.
Can anyone help me?


Every tab I've seen shows a straight beat, meaning, no ghost notes, but then again, who says all the tabs are correct?

I don't think anyone is going to hang you for doing either, as long as it "sounds" right!


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It's hard to tell on the recording if they are present or not. I'm sure there must be some official piece of evidence somewhere to tell us. If able, I would add it, definetly gives it more of a kick, with an added 'train' feel. Although watch not to loose steadiness, as the constant ghost notes could also bring down the general feel of the beat if played incorrectly. Good luck.