How to mount Roland SPD-S and HPD-10 on one stand


Junior Member
I have a Roland SPD-S and Handsonic 10 that I want to mount on one stand (PDS-10). I have too many stands as it is. It is going to stand to the left of and just above my hi-hat. I'm thinking the best way to do so is to mount the SPD-S on top, and the use a Roland APC-33 clamp to mount the HPD-10 below it. The problem with this idea is that the HDP-10 mount point is quite far in, so I think I'll need a some kind of dogbone with a stump to attach the APC-33 clamp & HPD-10 to; the APC-33's arm by itself I think is too short. Anybody out there done this? What dogbone (specific make and model?) did you use?

I could put the SPD-S below, but because of the use of the top edge of the SPD-S, it makes better sense to put it on top. I'd welcome comments and suggestions.