How to manage a band?


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It entirely depends upon your environment and the availability of gigs.
I certainly am not going to look for gigs, take them, then inform the pub that actually we can't do it because someone is unavailable, especially when I can look at my phone and see on the screen exactly when we do and don't have availability. There's a guy in my region who books for venues and it's abundantly clear that if you accept a date he offers then back out because your bandmates were double booked then don't go back to him for another gig.

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He has a regular gig with Disney.
isnt he the sound engineer? i thought he said he lost the drumming gig there several years ago, i dint know he was back playing as the mouse and its not really my business. not sure why you are taking quotes out of context for someone else?

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Bo probably just showing us the harsh reality of trying to be a working professional BL in this age. I bet the guys he calls appreciate the work he is able to offer.

We are just three in our group, texts for communication, paper calendar in the practice room for gigs and blackouts, cash in hand for pay- ez- but absolutely not working pro functional


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all 5 of my bands do the thing where in January of each year, we coordinate when our vacations/work travel is.

we use texting to communicate and bs, and I keep all of the dates in my iphone...the booking person in each band use their own calendar the metal and, our guit player books, and she still uses an old school paper calendar that hangs in the practice area...

After that, it is then just first come/first served as far as I go. As soon as band A books a gig, I inform bands B, C, and D about it. This system has worked well for me for 20 plus years. There have even been quite a few times where I play with the jazz band on a Friday from 6-9pm, and then shoot to the dive bar to play with the metal band at 11.

It also helps to know the general "feel" of how each band likes to gig, and when they will look to book shows:

My metal band likes to book shows between 6-8 weeks apart; the surf-punk and plays once a year (our bass player does not like to play out much anymore..🙁) the rockabilly band mostly plays in the summer; the jazz and plays mostly in the winter; my wind ensemble does a Christmas concert, Early Spring concert every year, and 4th of July every other year;


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Your bandmates must have crystal balls. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone six months from now. Kudos to y’all.

yeah...most of us have pretty regular schedules as far as travel goes...I am super-predictable b/c of my OCD and my job. I have always lived my life about a year much as I can