How to make Pearl footboard clean and shiny again?


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I just bought a used Pearl Eliminator H2000 Hi Hat stand to compliment my set of Eliminator double pedals. It is in excellent working condition with no missing or broken parts and I got all the cams that came with it. However, the footboard and most of the chrome parts are a little dirty. I know that the chrome parts will be easy enough to clean but I'm wondering about the footboard... what cleaning product can I use to make the footboard as clean and shiny as my 4 month old Eliminators?


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You could try some medical spirit. That stuff does wonders with sticky materials and grease. Isn't harmful like chemicals on paint either. But don't get any on the chains, because it might take the grease off.


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Making aluminum shiny? Cleaning is one thing, that won't make it shiny. You'd have to provide a lot of elbow grease to get the oxidation out. Silver paste polish and a lot of rubbing is the only thing I can think of to make aluminum shiny again.

Or just buy some shiny contact paper and cut it to shape.

You could make a foot board cozy too lol.


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Following some tips I found on reddit, a few people recommended Turtle Wax Chrome Polish. It seemed to do the job, thanks guys!


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It is important you know that, being aluminum, you can make it shiny, but it will oxidize again (become dull-looking). It's the nature of aluminum. The only way to prevent this is if the aluminum has some type of coating to prevent OXYGEN from reacting with the aluminum. If it's so dirty you want to clean it up for that reason, fine. But it will not stay shiny for long without some kind of protective layer.
If it's aluminum, use a Dremel with the white polishing head, and some polishing compound. Once shiny, coat it with turtle wax or equivalent, to prevent oxidation.

Then you'll be as flash as a rat with a gold tooth !