How to let the audience know the song is over.


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Wow I just quit playing but I see that won't do. So from now on all my drum videos or gig songs will end with......


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Go to a country concert, there is never a doubt. They all end the same.

No Way Jose

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We have a girl wearing a bathing suit come out, she's holding a big sign over her head that reads "Song Over". The problem is many of the bar customers can't read.


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You could not have picked a better song than that to post on this thread.???? That song always sucked by the original artist..
yep i know, but i only have that one and my final university piece on my channel so far xD.

TBF it wasnt my choice of song, the band i was with at the time did a mix of 60s/70s/80s stuff, the 60s was mainly to please the keyboardist and bass player as theyre both in their 60s/70s and very VERY picky when it comes to music they'd actually play.


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I think we might be getting it backwards.

The audience tells US when the song is over...just because we keep playing it again and again does NOT mean the song isn't over!

As far as indicating the end of a specific iteration of a song, or giving an illusory 'ending', it is called 'Art'...choose your own method of expression...commonality is not required or prohibited...this isn't a sport where we keep score based on objective features.

As humans are want, a common set of features have arisen...all musicians stop playing together...a big noisy send off for the song...and others...all with more interest to my ear being created by stepping outside of these conventions...writing reprises...cyclic movements that do not take all musicians into the cycle together...etc.

...and now we dance about neurosurgery....


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