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Recently I have been watching a lot of drum cam videos by Dave Lombardo. I cannot believe how he makes that snare drum pop like that. I believe it is a 14X6. He has used both Ludwig, Tama and Ddrum. Now that he is with Suicidal Tendencies what is he using. I think it is one of the snappiest snares I have ever heard pop through the noise.


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As usual, watch out for recorded material. That pop can be the result of the mic arrangement, the processing, and the mix. "Your results may vary," as they say.


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"That sound" can also be directly a result of how the drum is being hit and who is hitting it.

I know a couple of drummers who (IMO) just don't sound good, no matter what they are playing on. Conversely, the drummer for the wedding band I play with sounds great on everything he plays. I noticed when we were sound checking this last Saturday night that his snare sounded different from normal - not bad, just a bit darker, and when I looked over I noticed that his normal Black Beauty wasn't on his stand, it was something else, so I asked him about it. It turns out, he grabbed a bag that he thought had his Black Beauty in it, but he grabbed the wrong bag and ended up with a $150 fairly low end steel snare - not sure what it was because he didn't specify.

It didn't seem to matter - his snare sound was still good.

This also reminds me of my oft recounted story where I attended a drum clinic where the clinician had 5 different players come up and play the "Back in Black" rock groove, using his sticks and playing the same cymbals and drums. They all sounded vastly different due to differences in their approach to how they were hitting the drums and cymbals.
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South of Heaven and Seasons were both mixed by Andy Wallace. Andy has some really cool methods of mixing snare drums that involve samples and white noise. My guess is on the studio albums there was a fair bit of studio magic happening.

As for the live, drum cam stuff, my guess is he is using a high end metal Tama of some kind. Maybe a bell brass or bronze. But, as stated, its really a result of his technique and how he hits the drum.