How to determine measure length


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Hi, I have a song that I am tabbing and I am not sure how to determine where each measure ends and what the timing is. I think it's in 4/4 but the kick pattern is sparatic so I don't know if I should be doubling the BPM. I think I could write it either way but is there a correct way?
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It's a matter of interpretation. Yes, you can write it both ways, just as you can write 5/8 or 5/4. Be careful not to confuse meter with tempo, though. You can go fast in 5/4 and slow in 5/8, or vice-versa. Try and get a feel for what meter the song is in, not just the drum part, then go with that.

I highly recommend you learn standard notation. Tabs will hold you back. With standard notation a lot of questions answer themselves, and knowing it allows you to communicate with other mucians easily. It also allows you to access a lot of gigs you might otherwise be unable to do.