How to be one of the 10 richest drummer at a young age ?

David Adelson

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Hello my name is David Adelson. I was born in a suburb of Paris the 7th May 1987 and grew up in an island called Reunion. Before I was born, my family traveled with their musical instruments as drums, guitars... I’m at a time now to understand and be on the way to be one of the greatest and richest drummer of the world. I’m conscious of this process since I’m 13 years old. Is there someone who wants to put me on this legendary walk of fame ?


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"Great" and "rich" are relative terms, and rarely go hand in hand for drummers. Some of the richest drummers out there would probably not be considered great from a technical standpoint, and some of the greatest technical players are far from rich!

If you enjoy playing the drums, and are doing gigs and having a good time, you can consider yourself a success.



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First play drums because you want to and like playing. Next, learn everything there is in the way of lessons for all percussion. Next, learn the electronic and digital devices that may improve you playing and recording. Find a group of like musical personalities and start a band or group. Next, like music and have fun. Next, take more lessons. Put yourself out there where people will see you. Next, win the lottery.
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I can tell you and all your dreams of fame and fortune shall come true, all for the one off cost of £200* via PayPal

* introduction offer only, normally £400. Valid for just 24 hours. No refunds.
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I guess it all depends on how you define "rich". And if you consider financial wealth then probably music, drumming aren't the easiest or most logical way to achieve that goal. I'd wager Bermuda, at this stage in life ,feels his "riches" are far greater that of gold or diamonds? If I had to choose between great wealth and no friends or no wealth and abundant friends well I'd keep the money and friends and throw a big party LOL.