How to adjust hi-hat pedal?


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I have a Yamaha hs650a hi-hat:

It feels to me like the angle of the pedal is way too 'steep'. For example, when I want to open, it seems like I have to flex my foot back way too far. I am fairly confident that if I were to simply place about a 1.5" block under the heel of the pedal, it would feel a lot better. But that would make my feet uneven, and it seems like there should be a pedal adjustment. I know how to raise and lower the hats individually, or together, but I don't think any of that addresses what I want, plus it would cause a different change that I don't want. Can anybody tell me how to make the adjustment I want? Thanks.


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Have you looked at the owner's manual (which is available at the link you provided)?

I don't know if it has the answer to your question but it seems a good place to start.


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that model yamaha doesnt have the footboard angle adjustment on it, you would have to buy a different more expensive model to get that option.


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The only way to do it on this one is to open up the distance between the 2 cymbals and losen up the spring tension. That will lower your pedal. If you can't live with thst amount of opening , you need a different hihat stand.

I use older tama Titan , very easily height sdjustable without changing the spring tension on these models.


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Thou hast over many options.

1. Lengthen roller chain or replace with longer length of chain. The latter will require removing the pin-rivet things at either end.

2. Remove the roller chain altogether and replace it with something else, like a length of nylon strap that you can make any length you want. You could probably do this with only removing one section of the roller chain if you don't want to mess with the pins at the ends. Paracord sounds practical too.

3. See that black bumper washer pad thing between the end-of-the-rod-bracket and the diecast frame? Shim there. Get some foam rubber or felt or cork or some usable piece of garbage and make more of that thing but thicker. Maybe cut it up the side and then tape it after so you can push it right on there without dismantling your stand.


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Can anybody tell me how to make the adjustment I want? Thanks.

You may want to raise or lower your throne, OR move your hihats closer or further from your foot.
Throne height will affect or make comfortable the angle your foot makes on the hat pedal. Distance to the hat will affect what part of your foot is used.
Experiment with these options and make it most comfortable