How should I describe my playing to get more responses on CL ads for drumming?


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Should I describe how I spent years secluded in the Himalayan mountains studying stick control?

Should I call my drum grooves "professionally curated" for their needs?

Should I say my beats are the best beats and no other beats compare?

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Depends on the genre. You should sound slightly scary if you’re trying to get metal gigs, or slightly aloof if you’re trying to play jazz. Mention your love of beer if you’re just trying to play some rock and roll.


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Provide audio samples, or as DoD requests above, videos.

There's nothing worse than hitting CL for a musician and finding that nobody has the ability/what-with-all to record.


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As time passes, I am finding CL to be less and less helpful.

These days, I don't know what the Go To source is for finding bands / bandmates.


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..What if my skills don't match my pr speak!?..

Thats exactly what i was about to bring up.. :)

Just being honest and having a realistic view on your own skills (to at least match the level of the band you want to audition for), will be the best way..

That quote applies to a lot of drumming people btw..


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How's about "I don't play like Bonham, Peart, Moon, Krupa, Rich, or Ringo, BUT.....I am the best MrPockets style drummer in the world." You might add "I also don't pee the bed anymore, suck my thumb or wish for a better guitarist."


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I would say "You are the best and fastest improvisational drummer of all time because you have mastered brain control and have a huge growing cranium" but I see that has already been taken by some dude in Finland. I know tell everyone you made a pact with the Devil-so you're a helluva player now. Join the legion of Robert Johnson and Dylan. Maybe make a drum video reenactment of crossroad pact with you playing superbly in background-wait that seems too dark. Perhaps you defeat the Devil at the crossroads (Just like Charlie Daniels did on fiddle) with your superb playing in background-yeah I really like that. A video that's the answer.
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What if my skills don't match my pr speak!?
There’s an old adage we all use: you want to be DISCOVERED, not FOUND OUT.
All you can do is put out an honest representation of yourself. If you embellish a little bit, the last thing you need is for most of the musical population around you to write you off as a liar. Think of it as trying to dig yourself out of a hole: lying about how good you are just makes the starting hole deeper. I don’t think Charlie Watts or Ringo ever bragged about their talents, they just did their best to help the music happen.
Don’t eliminate the chance to even make the music.


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There’s an old adage we all use: you want to be DISCOVERED, not FOUND OUT.
Well Said.

I like to keep this in mind whenever I have to describe myself:

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

- Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night


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CL has always worked really well for me. Rather than go on about my playing I'll typically describe my general disposition and the type of players and people I get along with best to start. I find the biggest factor in how long I stay in a project other than money tends to be how well I like the people and they like me. I think that people take this as refreshing on the other side too.

That stuff out of the way I move on to listing some of my favorite musical influences I list at least a half dozen bands I like typically targeting the style of music I want to play as I'm reaching out on CL. I go through phases and like to play different styles so sometimes my lists like that will change with each new ad I post.

Very lastly, I'll describe how long I've been playing, the fact that I have lots of stage/studio experience, and link a few videos or past projects. I try not to put too much into this part because it's best to just play together to get a real feel for the interaction as opposed to trying to tell people what I might sound like.

Using basically that formula, I post an add that I'm a drummer looking for a project, and always get several replies/bands to choose from or audition with.


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Go on and on about how you're the BEST drummer to ever hold a pair of sticks. How your solos make grown men weep and make women instantly shed their undergarments. How every song you record hits #1 on the charts, and every show is a sold-out stadium. You're the BEST drummer who's EVER LIVED and you're the best deal maker in history. You also have the biggest hands and use all the best words.

It might not get you any gigs, but it could just get you elected president.


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Lots of good advice above :)

I prefer to answer a 'drummer wanted' ad than to put out a 'drummer available' ad.
When answering the ad, I just say 'I'm a drummer, I like xxxxx styles of music, I have lots of experience and I'm based in xxxx; are you still looking?'. That often gets a response, so you can go from there.

Also posting a video or two does help to give an idea of what your playing is like.

I just joined a new band, and when I first contacted them, within 15 minutes of my getting in touch they had found me on YouTube. Within an hour they had asked me to come and try out with them.