How often to replace the Snare Reso head?


So I'm just curious...How can you tell when the reso head of your snare drum is wearing out...and how often do most of you change yours?

Red Menace

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I've heard every 3 or 4th time you change the batter head.

I've only changed a snare reso head once and it was on my buddy's snare, poor thing was crusted to hell and put up a fight coming off. I really noticed a change with a new head and wires though.


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I think at least for me I'd change a snare side head every time I change the batter... snare resos are different than tom ones, they're much thinner, and if you're like me, I crank the absolute hell out of mine.

The last time I replaced one, I don't tension my snares very tight, but there were obvious marks from the snares all along the center of the head once I had de-tensioned it... definitely not good for the head.

If you want to be safe, I'd just change it next time you replace your snare batter.


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When it stops tuning up and sounding good. I crank my snare reso very high, so I usually replace it when it's so stretched out that I can't get the tension that I normally desire. I usually change the batter and reso at the same time.