How O.C.D. are you guys with your drums?


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When I made this thread, I didn't mean to misuse the term "OCD" so I think people need to lighten up a bit and not be so sensitive. It's a drum forum.

Aside from that, thanks for the opinions. I was very "anal" about my rockstar kit when that was the only kit I had, even though it was a beginner/intermediate kit. Once I got the Velvetones, I wasn't as anal with the Tamas. However, I am constantly observing the finish of my toms and BD to make sure there aren't any new blemishes after a gig and I try to be as careful as possible, so much so, that the guys in my band are always knocking me about how protective I am over my kit. Small dents from stick contact or drum drums bumping on accident annoy my beyond belief. Although they are not visible by only a couple feet away, I still know they are there and I can't let that thought escape my mind lol.

Things like that and the bass drum hoop with some cosmetic damage from the pedal. I think a lot of it has to do with how hard I had to work at my crappy part-time job to raise enough $$ to buy them. I do feel, however, that these habits will subside as time rolls on and the kit gets older. Ultimately, it's about how well the kit sounds. I will say I'm quite surprised by the poster who said his Saturn never leaves the house and he takes his lower-end kit to gigs. I don't think I'm that bad haha


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In terms of dents, scratches, etc.? I am always curious because I find myself bummed out every time my stick accidentally makes contact with the shell leaving a small dent or scratch. Figured there would be more OCD people out there considering the cost of some flagship kits nowadays. Thoughts?
I bought two Rogers dynasonic snares, one 6.5" deep and the other 5" deep. I took them completely apart, took a hammer to them and took out the dents and used chrome polish on them, then put new heads and snare wires on them. I cleaned the drums up and made them like new.

I bought a few used cymbals and before I started playing them I cleaned off the oil stains that were from the finger and hand prints of the previous user.

It bothers me if I scratch the new drum I bought, but I am not going to go nuts with it.

I am not going to let my instrument get in disrepair, but I am not going to clean them more than I am going to play them.