How much spare gear do you bring to a gig?


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I have a parts bag that has an "emergency kit" of the usual felts/wingnuts/tools and antacids.
My stick bag is chocked full of my dowels & other needs. Beyond that, not much else.

Living Dead Drummer

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My stick bag is always stocked. I bring a backup snare (and have had to use it a few times), and a backup set of In-ears.
and I also bring a tool box that is loaded with spare parts. Keys, Felts, Tension Rods, Tools, Snare Wires, Dampeners, Ear Plugs, Wing Nuts, Everything I can fit in there and might run into a situation with. I even keep extra guitar strings in there!


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I have a small plastic tool box from Harbor Freight loaded with felts, tension rods, washers, a spare hi hat clutch, etc. I also have a spare stickbag with sticks, a pair of brushes, a pair of multi rods, etc. I keep both in my car at all times. I'll also bring two snares. Not so much for if I break a head, but to decide which sounds better in the room. I use a 13" Pearl Omar Hakin model and a 14" vintage Ludwig Acrolite. For bigger festival type shows or other bigger gigs i'll throw my tool bag in my car as well, with my bag with drills one with a drum key chuck in there. just in case. I believe in checking your gear before each show to make sure nothing is coming loose or anything. Don't trust your last gig's late night load out. And make a check list and do a once over before leaving so you don't forget anything. And take your time loading up. Don't rush or you'll forget something. I have never broken anything at a gig knock on wood. I always prepare beforehand so it won't happen.

Jasta 11

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UGH!!!! Just happened at Friday's gig. I have a spare snare head, spare pedal, one of those emergency kits with tape, snare cords , felts, etc but I never thought I would need an inner sleeve for a lug! During sound check, one of the tension rods broke the inner sleeve from the lug. ( NOTE the left side tension rod missing) The drum suddenly went from sounding great to a flat buzz. My guitar player came over with this paper towel wrapped with the sleeve from his water bottle. It looked so crappy but at least it got rid of the buzz. Its just not a spare part I ever thought I would need. I also noticed how pitted my lugs look from this pic, I think Ill buy all new replacement lugs for the kit.20200904_175629.jpg


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I keep an extra kick pedal in the gear box. Extra sticks, of course. I think I have some old heads thrown in the back of the band trailer, I kept them after I replaced a set, just to have for emergencies. I should have a spare snare drum, in the trailer, but as I don't seem to be like many here who have a room full of snares, I don't know have on extra that I'd be willing to put in there. My good second snare stays with my smaller kit, which I have available to do fill-in gigs (my main kit lives in the band trailer). I guess I do have one more snare in the garage, it is with a kit that i grabbed with the intention of flipping, and that snare should go with it. I suppose if I was gonna be gone for a few days, I'd take it (or my actual spare) but for now, not happening.

The funny/scary thing is just this past Saturday night, while tearing down my kit after the gig, I had already taken the rack toms down, and was handling my snare, in a standing position behind the kit. Of course, I slipped and the snare came down onto the tom mount pole, right thru the batter head. Good thing that happened at the end of the night, not at the beginning!

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If you're like me with a more recent-ish model year car/SUV, I take advantage of the under-the-floor cargo bay organizer where the spare tire is usually. I keep a spare kick pedal, sticks, XLR cable or two, an LED flashlight, and a few felts/wingnuts/drum key/HH clutch and mini-Leatherman tool in a small Tupperware container in there.


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Extra snare, extra mics, and backup iPad. But, I do bring an emergency Backpack with pedal springs and parts, tools, wing nuts, memory locks for every diameter rod and tube, t-rods, swivel nuts, HH clutchs, felts, falam slams, band aids, gaffers tape, batteries, cables, and about anything else people have already mentioned.
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