How much is this kit worth?


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Hi guys, I'm new here and I'm looking for a good drum kit to start with.
I've found a second hand one online but I have little knowledge of drums so I have no idea how much it's worth. I've included links to the photos.
Would you guys please be able to give me estimates of what you think it's worth?
Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category.

The description posted on the site is:
Tama swingstar 5 piece kit with 2 extra toms, paiste hithats, remo skins, double kick, 2 x zyjn crash and various locks and screw bits, 3 extra stands and spare parts, remo cowbell extra throne included, 2 pairs of sticks, spare crash and china symbols, all must go, see photos, everything is in great condition, selling as having a baby and dont have time for practice, typically have four toms + floor tom setup, but 4th tom was not setup at the time of the photos, will include a bottle of cymbal cleaner as well, would suite someone who is learning to play or as a practice kit for a band room, with a bit of love and care could be used for gigs.

I asked "How long have you had the kit?" and got the response "I have had it for a year and a half, got the basic kit for 700 off trademe, then picked up the double kick from the rockshop for 400, plus about 500-600 for extra toms + stands, already had the extra symbols and throne, will update the auction with full list of everything this week, if you want to come have a look let me know"
Is there anything else I should ask him?



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Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

Firstly, I notice that it's a Tama, so straight away, that's a big tick. It is well worth while spending the extra bit of cash and getting a well-known and established brand. We had someone on here complaining a few months ago because he wanted this Percussion Plus or some unknown kit, and his Dad bought him a Tama "without consulting him". General consensus was, he dodged a bullet.

The thing about this is, there are lots of extras that a beginner wouldn't need. For instance, I strongly recommend not getting a double-kick pedal until later, after your basics are good. People often dedicate too much time to playing metal double kick patterns and neglecting correct single pedal technique.

You also don't need an extra tom or cowbell at this stage.

May I ask which country you're in, what your budget is, and how much he is asking for this? The reason I ask is because I suspect you could get a brand new, much more appropriate kit for the same money.

For instance, in the UK you can get a Tama Swingstar for £400 brand new. Granted it doesn't come with cymbals, but you are guaranteed a proper starter drum kit that will last and sound better than most:

If you're really interested in the one advertised, ask him if he'd consider selling just the basic 5 piece, or if not, if he can price match a brand new (named brand) five piece of similar spec.

EDIT: Just looking over more of the pictures, don't bother with those cymbals. Also, some of the gear looks well used. That's fine if you just wanted a bash about kit, but I now really think you'd be better off getting a new (named brand) starter level kit for the same money. If you invest in higher quality gear early on, you'll save money in the long run. My ride and hi-hats are the very same Sabian Pro's that came with my kit 14 years ago. They've never let me down. Conversely, when the kit next door briefly took up drums, his nameless cymbals warped and melted because they were near a radiator!


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Doesn't look like bargain of the century that's for sure !!!

I spent ages looking for a 2nd hand kit and following prices on e-bay etc a while back when I was looking for a 2nd hand kit and came to the conclusion that most kits went for about half their value maybe a tad more if they were including entry level cymbals.
Yamaha Stage Customs are a good kit, they sell for about £750 new and most were going for about £300 to £400 depending on condition including hardware and £350 to £450 with entry level cymbals, this was for quite a good quality looked after kit.
Follow this one on e-bay and see what it goes for although if it is Maple as opposed to Birch as claimed it may push the price up a bit.

I didn't think they made the Stage Custom in Maple I thought that was the Tour Custom ???


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Assuming you're in the USA, and we're talking USA $,

I'd say the whole thing is worth maybe $350-400 tops for everything. And even then, I'm not sure it's worth it.

Notice the drums don't even match. Most of the accessories are off-brand stuff.

You can buy a new Swingstar with cymbals for about $549US these days.


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His add on's ... yadda-yadda, all about the same beginner level as the kit ... I'd offer him $400 ... maybe go as high as $450, if you really want this kit ... and all the stuff.​
I play 1 up, 2 down, mostly ... so I'd re-wrap the red tom black, put it in a first floor position (either suspended - or put legs on it) ... then slowly start buying better cymbals.​


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I noticed you're in New Zealand, so kits will probably be more expensive there than in the UK or US.
A kit like that would probably be worth no more than $500 in Oz. I'd keep on looking if I were you until you come across a Yamaha Stage Custom or Pearl Export that has been loved a little less. Or get yourself a decent snare/hi-hat/crashable ride (all to be had from overseas eBay - shipping isn't that costly on those items) and pick up an old bass drum locally.