How much have you changed?


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I guess this applies to us older drummers who've played around for a few years:

I was a part of a reasonably successful and somewhat known rock/blues band in the 80s.

Time and musical tastes marched on, and today my musical journey has brought me to jazz and funk, fusion and other more improvisation styles of playing.

So out of the blue I get a call from some event organizers who are doing a Reunion Rock series and want to re-unite the old band for a 1 off deja vu / nostalgia gig.

When these guys come over to hear me play, all of them think I'm not the same drummer from the old band. Some random remarks :

" You're so wristy, and jazzy". " Your playing has changed completely".. " If I wasn't watching you play, wouldn't have thought its the same guy".
" You play so light, now".

Though the comments were all complimentary, the unsaid part was " ARE YOU UP TO PULLING OFF A ROCK GIG?"

I was all excited about the reunion, but suddenly I'm not so sure how it will go down. I'm not so confident about my rock chops or playing music that I like but seem to have outgrown, playing -wise

I ask myself if I was a completely different guy/ different drummer back then?

I can relate. 8-9 years ago I was in a rock band, showcasing to all the record lables. I used tree trunks for drum sticks, thick cymbals, and I pounded the drums really hard.After that band fell apart, I realized, a lot of my finess had gone out the window, and over the last few years, I've scaled back my sticks to super 5A, my cymbals have gone from Z Customs to A Customs, and my finess has been more of my focus.

Even weirder, is I found a tape from 15 years ago when I was in a Dream Theater-esqu prog-rock band. I couldn't believe the fills, and the outrageous things I was playing back then, because I have become so much more focused on groove & time, less-is-more with the more commercial bands. Now, it would never occur to me to put such a fill (or so many of them) in a song like I was doing.

Now at age 38, I'm coming full circle in that I'm getting back to my prog roots, but bringing everything I've learned from the less-is-more days and the "getting back to finesse over brute pounding" of the last few years.


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i'm 52 now and still rockin! paying attention to things like timing and groove must come with maturity because i pay a lot more attention to that stuff and i'm a lot better at it than when i was in high school. i don't really remember what i played like back then, but i know things like that didn't even cross my mind.


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I'm more balder up top, 30 lbs heavier, way more knowledgeable and skilled than i was 20 years ago. Oh yeah, and i own about 30 grand worth of gear instead of two and i have 30 grand worth of insurance for all this stuff now. (Oh if i only knew then what i know now... about chicks and insurance)