How many U.S. Congressmen does it take?


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Has anyone seen the congress jokes on some recent comedy shows?

Jay Leno:
"I think Congress and vampires are pretty much alike. Doing nothing during the day, seducing women at night, and just sucking the life out of everything."

*Obama ranking the most powerful things/people in our country.*
"#5 is the NFL. If there was a football game on right now, this whole address would be canceled. And come on, how many of you out there have Congress fantasy teams?"


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My concern as the Mayor is, that all of these Tastee Freeze ice cream cone flourescent bulbs are supposed to be recycled when expired and I don't see that happening. They will be chucked into the trash as any other bulb because of their size, and pollute all future land fills. Their misuse will cause more harm than their predecessor.
Very true. You need to factor in the energy used to create something and to dispose of it after it's finished. Compact fluorescents use relatively little electricity while they are in operation, and last much longer than incandescents, but the high technological and energy inputs into creating and safely disposing of them are huge. Incandescents take little energy to create and can be thrown away with little environmental consequence.


I just joined the wax party. We are anti-light bulb and we follow what is in the constitution, and we all know the constitution was written by candle light : )

Wax on Wax off!