How many toms you got

2 up 1 down.
Ideally I'd like 2 down but a 16 and 18 take up too much room and I don't like 14" (I like the wider interval between my 12 and 16)
To answer the question as posed in the subject line, the answer is 141.

But on gigs I use 2 (1 up 1 down) or 3 (2 up 1 down)

When this thread first popped up I interpreted it the same way. I also thought, "I wonder how many toms Bermuda has tucked away."

Now we know :D
5 on my Artstar (10 12 13 14 & 16) plus a 10" Pearl acrylic concert tom. Wish I had a matching 8 & 18 but that many drums is too wide a spread for my liking these days. Not a fan of 1/1, but I keep trying to work with it. 2/1 works good for me but if I had 8 10 12 & 14 would be all i'd ever need
Just 1, a floor tom. I have a tiny car (only just bigger than a smart car), perfect for town driving and getting parked at gigs, but the trade off is I go with a much smaller kit these days. 6A0F4BF0-27B7-4633-8FF2-8DDCDD90ED27.jpeg
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