How many toms you got

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My ideal kit has several toms and accent pieces.
My practical gigging kit doesn't. I'm in a working band and the pay doesn't care how many toms are there. The audience also doesn't seem to care. And they typically only compliment the entire band, or individually it's the guitar player who gets kudos.

I'm knocking pounds off the kit. But, discloure says that one woman who just came to town noted that several drummers are playing small sets here. She's watching open jam drummers and those are Break Beats or 1 is a modified downsized kit.
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I have a bunch of toms and uses a pretty large setup, but i really crave a smaller setup. Probably start rehearsing again early October after a few months off and gonna go one up/one down just to spice things up up a bit. Coming from 3 up/2 down (or 7 up/2 down if you count the rocket tomt along) should be very enlightening.

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I'm back to 2 toms.

Got rid of all my cymbal stand bases.
The bass drum stalk carries a 13" tom, 2 cowbells and 2 boom arms. One arm has a 20" ride and the other has an 18" crash with 10" Wuhan China stacked.
The hihat carries an additional 2 clamps and boom arms for a 17" crash and 10" splash. Guess I could stack the 10" again.
My full setup has 4 toms - 2 up (10/12"), 2 down (16/18"). I am also considering getting getting a pair of Tama Mini Tymps (6/8") for situations where I need more upper range. But for a lot of gigs, I'll just use a 10/12/16" setup and sometimes just the 12/16" if it's either a straight ahead rock or big band gig. It all depends on the music and what tones I want to be hearing from the drums for certain styles, as well as the amount of floor space I have to work with.


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Depends on the gig - anything from none to five.
I have related this story elsewhere but I think it's particularly apposite here:
Some years ago, I was playing a very cool/prestigious venue in Manchester with my originals band, and we'd just released an album. Very excited. I took my Signia and put the drums up on the stage.
The engineer came over to me:
Engineer: Hiya, I'm *Engineer* You the drummer?
Me: Yup, hi my name is Stu.
Engineer: How many toms do you use?
Me: Five.
Engineer: No how many toms do you use?
Me: Five.
Engineer: Mate, HOW. MANY. TOMS?
Me: How many would you like me to use? *Looks at pile of toms in cases on stage*
Engineer: Well how many do you use??
Me: FIVE *points thumb over shoulder at pile of toms*
Engineer: Oh. seriously? I thought you were taking the piss. I'm not sure we have enough mics...

Happily, said Engineer got me the BEST drum sound. She was brilliant, and was actually happy that my bass drum had no padding in it.

So yeah, five mostly. But sometimes none.


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3 toms. a 12, a 14, and an 18. :)



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GretschBks 008.JPG
3 toms bass snare
hi med lo
could stand a second ft


My last band did a lot of rockabilly and surf and I only used a floor tom. Usually I would use one ride tom and a floor tom. Less is more.


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To answer the question as posed in the subject line, the answer is 141.

But on gigs I use 2 (1 up 1 down) or 3 (2 up 1 down)


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I play with two toms and one floor tom, i don't like play with one tom or two floor toms like many drummers do.
One floor, one rack..The older I get, the more simple I like things..But I have always been just a "hobby" drummer is all..Most one of my sets ever had was, was two rack and the floor tom..
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'it's the arm movements that attract me...If I want to stretch and hit something ..there darn, better be a drum or cymbal there....' )