How many toms you got


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Well I'm living between amazing and groove master. Who am I to argue with this clearly scientifically based chart :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

Looks like I'm plaining a few inches either side of the door frames to fit my head through later!

Best make sure my phone is on the hook tonight ;)


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Sometimes one up/one down, other times one up/two down.

I fixed x axis for you:

pretty good
just good enough to get into trouble (<-- I am here)
chop god
groove master


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3 toms mid low and high. With snare and bass it's at least a potential pentatonic err drum scale for the melodic-minded.
if you just need/want thump crack no toms are needed but if you want voice to participate somewhat with the other melodic instruments if you see it that way at all. Or just be in the skeletal-level, along with the hi hat and a ride
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I can't seem to get away from the 10 12 16 set up such as my latest renown kit. I love my 8 10 16 sonor set up but I can't find a 14x14 to replace the 16....still looking.


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Right now there are 6 toms in my domicile.
Only a max of 3 make it to the kit…mostly 2.


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I own three toms, but I only used all three of them once. I usually play one up and one down. Peace and goodwill.