How many songs does your band have?


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The covers band I used to be in had around 30 or so songs we would make a set list from depending on the venue.
With my current originals band we have 12 songs which we play in a 40 minute set. We're working on more so we can swap songs in & out.


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Last cover band I was in had about 120-150 that could be hauled out for a gig.

Some gigs were two 25-30 song sets and that would require a fairly deep play list.

Playing weddings also added a bunch as there were always requested tunes that weren't really in our playlist.......some of them were downright freaky and scary......I still have nightmares about the song "Daddy's Hands" being used for a father daughter dance.....friggin creepy.....actually having typed that, I feel I need to wash myself.


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I play in a big band and we travel with about 1000 charts (Yes, all those zeros are supposed to be there). I have been playing with them for about ten years and I still occasionally come across a chart I have never played before. We have about 4000 in our library.


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I play in a classic rock band. We just recently got up to 50 songs. So we can start playing out now. I'm excited.