How many songs does your band have?


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The main cover band I play in has 150 songs, with horn charts for 120 of these for when we play big shows with the horns. At any given gig we'll play 40 or 50.

There's a lot of songs we haven't played for ages, so this year we've been doing monthly Sunday afternoon gigs in a small café, where we deliberately play 25 - 30 songs that are either new or really old. We've nearly covered all 150 so far this year.


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We've got around 20 songs total but only play 8-10 of them at a gig, we've got 4 or 5 that we play every show and we rotate the other ones in and out.

The shows we play are normally 4 or 5 band bills so each band gets 30 - 45 minutes.


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With jazz groups it is easier because any original music or standards are written out, so we could potentially have hundreds of songs. Now, with some of the real book apps, we could have thousands.

I also play with a rockabilly band and a western swing band from time to time, and they each have maybe 100 songs, but on a given night they probably only play 45-50 songs (three 45 minutes sets). Those groups usually don't have charts, everyone is playing from memory, so there are a finite number of songs that can be done.


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In two bands right now, my originals band has about 18-20 songs, but we've retired many of them so only play with about 12-15 songs actively, switching up the setlist per gig.

My Lady Gaga rock cover band plays 20 songs each gig, we have 22 in total and I'm slowly adding arrangements.

Trip McNealy

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A typical gig at a bar/club will consist of 40-50 songs with another 15 as "extras" for spur of the moments or audience requests. When we play private gigs and such we play for a little longer and usually that's upwards of 60 songs.


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Our setlist consists of 10 original songs and one cover that we switch up every few shows. All told there's probably 20-30 other original songs, but they rarely get an airing out as they're all considered part of the "back catalog" now.


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My main band we have around 60 original songs, all recorded. Probably about 40 of those I wasn't the drummer at the time they were written/recorded.

The lads before I joined were aiming for a soft acoustic band as they changed drummers frequently (so sometimes didn't have one) since I've joined its gone slightly more energetic Folk/Blues though so a lot of the earlier, softer numbers don't get played anymore live.

Probably switch between the 10 songs on our album and about 10 others we've written/recorded since that release which are aimed for live, energetic playing mostly.


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My classic rock cover band has about 60 active songs and we usually play 40-45 per gig. We also have a list of 20 or so in cue to learn whenever we have time between gigs.


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We have a little over 30 songs, and we're working on getting that to 50-60 songs. (We're a classic rock covers band.)

We've noticed an odd thing: we'll go for a while without adding anything new, and then there'll be a sudden rush of adding new songs.


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My bands are both original and have an albums worth of material each. One band is currently writing the second album so there are a few more but they have not been played live yet.