How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?


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1. 14” A Custom
2. 14” K Custom Session
3. 14” K Custom Dark
4. 14” K Custom Hybrid reversible
5. 15” K Sweet

1. 22” A Custom Ping
2. 22” K Custom Dark, medium
3. 21” K Crash/Ride


13" Paiste 2002 Thin/Heavy Hi-Hat
14" Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Hi-Hat
14" Zildjian K Mastersound Hi-Hat

20" Paiste New Dimensions Deep Full Ride
20" Paiste Formula 602 Medium Ride (Blue Logo
20" Paiste Formula 602 Medium Ride (Black Logo
20" Paiste 2002 Ride
20" Istanbul Agop Heavy Ride
22" Istanbul Agop Sultan Medium Ride

And loads of sampled cymbals on Superior Drummer 3 with my electric kit. :)


12” Zildjian Re-Mix
13” Zildjian K top/ A New Beat bottom
14” Zildjian K Custom Dark
14” Paiste Twenty Series Light Hi-Hats

20” A Custom Flat
20” K Custom Dry Light Ride
20” Nicky Moon customized Sabian HH ride
20” K Con. Light Ride with 3 Rivets
21” A Sweet Ride (old one)
21” AAX Stage Ride
22” XS20 Monarch
22” AA Apollo
22” K Light Ride
22” K Con. Bounce Ride
22” K Con. Swish (Sound Lab)


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Got two rides. Got the second one because I wasn’t happy with the first after a few years. Been playing the same 22” Zildjian rock ride for 40 years (with a 25 year break in between).

I have the same set of 14” Zildjian New Beat HH’s that I bought used in the early 70’s.

Now crashes, splashes, China’s - Wow way too many.


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Wow, some impressive collections!

I have two of each, all Paiste. It's all I need.

14" Signature Traditionals Medium Light
13" 2002 Sound Edge

20" 602 Medium
20" Signature Dark Energy Mark I


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I currently have three pairs of hi-hats and one ride:

13 in. Custom Zildjians- Great bright sound but a bit small

Old 14 in New Beat Zildjians from a garage sale- great gritty, dark sound, my favorite.

Beginners 14 in Sabian- sound like crap on their own (really tin-y) but when stacked with the 13 in. sounds like a trashy China.

20 in Zildjian rock ride: great dark sound for crashes and normal hits but a really sharp bell sound.


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21” K Sweet
20” K Custom Dark
21” A Sweet

15” K Sweet
14” K Custom Dark
14” A New Beats

The A’s pretty much always go together. I’ll change around the K’s depending on mood/music. My favorites are the K Sweets as they play nicely with just about any music and venue so I appreciate their versatility while still maintaining an expressive character. The custom darks can be a little delicate and the A’s can be a bit too in your face depending on venue and music but they certainly have their place.


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I don't really use crashes, but have a couple. I'm including the multis.

Up until recently I had mostly vintage 2002s and a few other peices. Things got pretty out of hand the past couple of months. I'm still in the market for some other Masters and 602 classics. Maybe some Dimensions if I can find the ones I want.

Anyway, 11 rides, 5 hats.

2002 Black Big Beat:
15" Hats
18"- 1372

2002 vintage:
14" Sound Edge top - 986
18" Ride - 1638
20" Ride - 2196
20" Flat Ride - 2258
22" Ride - 2986

20" Flat Ride - 2226

18" Light Ride (2 rivets) - 1614
14" Thin/heavy - 860/1476

22" Thin

602 Classic:
14" Sound Edge

Sound Formula:
14" Medium/Heavy - 906/1314

14" Sound Edge bottom - 1144


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My first post on this forum, although I've been a frequent visitor for a long time.

21" HH Vintage Ride - versatile, fantastic ride, great crash as well

21" A Custom Anniversary - Basically a Zildjian version of the HH Vintage, fantastic and I use it all the time on various gigs
20" K Ride - good but not great, bought on a whim and may sell soon
21" K Custom Special Dry Ride - great for lower volume gigs, lovely stick definition
23" K Sweet Ride - bought used for a great price. Awesome cymbal, really versatile and full of character
19" A Beautiful Baby with rivets - lovely cymbal, I don't use this very much but love it.

I've owned lots of others, 20 and 22 Sabian Artisan Mediums, 21 HH RBDR, 20 AA Medium, Zildjian K 20 Flat Ride, 22 K Custom Medium and probably a few more.
I'm happy wih my current ride cymbals, although on the lookout for something a little brighter. Maybe a 22 A Medium or similar.

Hi Hats
14" AA Flat Hats - these were my only hats for quite a while, great all round sound

14" A New Beats - classic, quite bright and great for rock
14" K Hats (2016) - These are my go to hats, using them for everything at the moment
14" K Hats (late 90's) - Warmer and thinner than my newer pair, lovely.
15" K Sweet Hats - haven't used these muc yet, only got them a few days ago, seem pretty special.

Regret selling a pair of Sabian 14" HH Dark Hats, they were absolutely great, nice and warm and not at all harsh.