How many pedals have you owned?


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Another thought: it took me a Long time to figure out - I am a Direct Drive guy, not a Chain guy. It really changes the feel of the pedal. Will never, ever, Ever play another chain pedal.


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Another thought: it took me a Long time to figure out - I am a Direct Drive guy, not a Chain guy. It really changes the feel of the pedal. Will never, ever, Ever play another chain pedal.
Which one did you go with?


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I've probably owned somewhere between 25 and 30 pedals in a little over 40 years of playing. My current Yamaha FP-9500C is my favorite so far.


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I have owned a LOT of pedals as well .
I currently own 4 pedals
Axis X longboard
Sonor Perfect Balance pedal ( original folding )
Sonor Perfect Balance standard
Yamaha Direct Drive double pedal

I have tried to like DW pedals - having owned a few 5000 and one 9000 pedal but I just cannot get on with the feel .

I had a Ludwig Speed King for a short period but got frustrated with the clamp for the beater shaft constantly coming loose and the pedal sliding down at inconvenient times . It squeaked like crazy too .

The Rogers Big R Supreme model pedal was my main pedal for about twenty years . A superb pedal should never have sold it .i had another recently but I have moved on now and the magic is gone .

Yamaha pedals are very underrated IMHO - nothing fancy just a dependable smooth pedal .

The only pedals I ever regret selling are :
Axis A21 Laser pedal - never should have sold that . A truly superb pedal .

Tama Iron Cobra strap drive pedal . I have always had an affinity for strap drive and direct drive pedals ( I hate chain drive pedals). This Iron. Or a was built like a tank and super smooth . Not exactly sure why I sold it .

I had a Trick Pro 1V that I purchased from Bermuda . My friend Bun E Carlos swears by these pedals and urged me to get one . I bought the pedal but just could not get on with the action of the compression spring . I hated the way it would feel heavier as the beater got closer to impact . A superbly designed and manufactured pedal - just not for me .


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I don't change a lot. Started with a Speed King in 1976, only pedal I used until the late 90's

Ludwig Speed King ( x2 ): Still own early 60's one.
Yamaha Flying Dragon: Still own
DW5000 ( x2 ) Still own both

Had a few cheapies throughout the years (Pulse, Pearl, Mapex, Tama) that came with hardware/kit parts snags that were sold, or donated to youngsters.


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In order of appearance of my drumming life





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A lot and still do (not something your throw away or sell haha)
Started out with a basic Pearl pedal in 1999 that came with my Export kit. Can't remember the series though, but i sold it with that kit

Got a Worldmax Twin Pedal (again, can't remember series) which i used for a couple of years and still have. Used it on a practice kit for a while too a few years ago, but this is a sluggish pedal compared to it's replacement.

Replaced the Worldmax pedal around 2006 with a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin pedal and probably the best purchase I've ever done (drumwise). After roughly 14 years it's still going strong! Only had to replace the beater heads a couple of times (now have the wood ones) and every once in a while put some WD40 on the hinges of drive shaft (slave pedal) to prevent it from freezing up.

Also have a two Pearl P900 series pedals. One came with the Vision kit i got in 2012 (never really used because of the twin pedal) and i bought a 2nd hand one after i got a second bass drum for my BCX kit. Used both of them a total of one times; again sluggish compared to the Iron Cobra pedal so i replaced them with;

2 x Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide single pedal. These are the newer ones (got them in december 2018) and feature a different beater and the white/silver footplates. So smooth and easy to adjust! Great pedals and very happy with these.

Also have a Millenium double pedal that came with the Alesis DM8 kit i got in 2011/2012, but never used it really. Not a great pedal.


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Man, My quest for the perfect pedal was never ending. Im flat footed and have bad ankles from turning them playing basketball, so I needed all the help I could get from the pedal.

I have owned the following (recent to oldest):
Trick V1Pro Big Foot (current)
Yamaha FP9 (great pedal)
Tama SpeedCobra 910
Pearl Eliminator Redline
DW 9000
DW 5000
Mapex Armory
DW 3000
Tama Iron Cobra
DW 8000 (the worst pedal I've ever owned, spring broke in 2 weeks and they never released a replacement)
PDP Crap Pedal
Pearl standard pedal

Probably more I can't think of.
Various crap Pearl singles
Gibraltar Intruder II single
DW 5000 (single chain 1997 model) Double Pedal
Tama Speed Cobra double (1st gen)
Tama Speed Cobra 310 single


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A few months ago, I acquired pedal no. 5: a Czarcie Kopyto double pedal.

I think this is the one! But then again, I always do haha

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I have owned 5 pedals in 35 yrs playing.

Rogers unknown model 1984 - 1986
Premier 252 1986-1991
DW 5000 (lasted 1991 - 2007, heavy gigging great bit of equipment, replaced rear hinge twice).
Axis longboard - currently in service
DW9000 - currently in service


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Since I got my first drum set in 1981, I think four. A Pearl piece of crap from 81-86, then a Tama Camco, then another Tama Camco around 96, then a whatever-the-cheapest-Yamaha-is around 2007. Thinking about going for the big numero 5 whenever I find a Floating Action or early Camco, and feel like buying it.


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In my case, four so far: A Pearl Eliminator, a Trick Dominator, a Mapex Falcon and a Trick Bigfoot.

What about you guys? I'm honestly feeling a bit foolish to have tried so many, and I have my fifth pedal inbound.

This is all in the course of about 10 years playing, so a very expensive kink in my head that I hope to work out sooner rather than later.

After all, it's the player, not the pedal!

Lots and lots and lots. I just don't keep them.

I'm down to two right now: a Sonor Jojo Mayer that I have with a big ol' fluffy beater that I use for straight ahead jazz gigs and a Gibraltar G Class pedal that I use for most things.

I'll probably pick up one of the new Speed Kings from Ludwig too.

I've found that pedals make a huge difference and after all these years I'm still not sure I've found exactly the one that's perfect....I remember I played a festival a long time ago and they had this pearl pedal that I could just FLY was perfect and I didn't have a chance to ask the drummer who owned the set what it was or how it was configured. Been chasing that feel for years and even on the pearl pedals I've tried - never felt quite like it.

woe is me. haha


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I am only going to include Pro quality pedals that I have owned in my list

Have owned and sold :
Rogers Supreme x 2
Tama Iron Cobra strap drive
DW 5000a
DW 5000a double pedal
Yamaha FP 850
Ludwig SpeedKing
Axis X Longboard
Axis A longboard
Axis A short board
Axis A21 Laser
Tama Classic series
Tama Camco
Slingerland Yellowjacket

Currently own :
Axis A21 Sabre
Sonor Perfect Balance ( original folding model)
Sonor Perfect Balance Standard
Yamaha FP8500 direct drive double pedal
Axis X Longboard ( up for sale at a local shop)


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I still use 2 of them.


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3 cheap singles and 1 cheap double (think it was called Thunder), 90s Gibralter double, 1st year Pearl Eliminator Power Shifter double, Tama Camco, Ludwig Speed King, Ludwig Ghost, and my current Pearl P902 w/Trick driveshaft.

So that's 10.