How many other Drummers do you hang around


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One of my employees is a drummer...when I found that out last year I found this forum shortly thereafter and I then jumped in the drummer pool bought a kit and he and I talk drums in between job sites and any other time we get the chance...he is a great resource for a new drummer to have around as well as my teacher.


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I've been surrounded by drummers for what seems my whole life. My old man was a career jazz drummer (40+ yrs.). I grew up w/ him and all of his musician buddies around. A few of my friends played, while I was growing up (I was stupid and DIDN'T).

The guy who gave me the job that brought me back to Boise was a drummer. A few years later I hooked up w/ my drum teacher and have had one of his students (about my age) over for drum duet jams a few times.

I've gotten to know Deathmetalconga from here on the forums as well, a great guy and drummer who lives here in Boise.


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Who would want to hang out with drummers? Didn't your mama warn you about such things? Hanging out with drummers is like running with scissors, or wearing dirty undies! Thats why I chill with them whenever I can! I have several drummer friends. We go to each others gigs to support each other as often as we can. I often go to jam parties where there are four or five drummers present. We trade riffs while jamming with the other musicians that are there and we have a good ole time!


A couple of friends at church. We all actually play in the church band. I see them once or twice a week. That's pretty much it for me.


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i know 3 drummers from around where i live, though i'm not really close friends. my uncle plays, and there are some drummers at the music stores i buy from that i know.