How many of you sing while drumming?


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Lead singer, back-up, whatever--if you contribute to the vocals in your band raise your hand! I am also curious about the vocals-related parts of your set-up. Personally I sing back-up. I have a Shure SM58 in a boom mic coming in from my left side. This is relatively new for me so I am still getting used to it (and occasionally getting totally lost in the vocals or the groove or sometimes both). Thanks


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I used to sing backing vocals wile playing drums. It was pretty fun but I prefer to just focus on drums.

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I sing while showering. I've never wanted to be a singing drummer. I like the inarticulate power that accompanies sitting on a throne atop a riser. Drummers don't need to speak. Our authority flow from our hands.

No disrespect to singing drummers. It's just not a role I've ever been drawn to.


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I can't harmonize well enough to do it, plus I only have maybe a 1 and a half octave vocal range...kind of low too like the Pearl Jam dude or Johnny Cash, so that's limiting, but I can sing lead well enough on a handful of songs. What I don't possess in vocal range, I compensate for with heart.

I haven't sung with a band since 2012


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I am last on the list to sing with Al, and only where absolutely necessary. Or, where I do the atonal hype parts in rap songs: "Yeh yeh, uh-huh" :)

I do no singing with any of my other bands.


The second mic gives me some ambience and an overall drum mix.


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Yeah, I sing lead vocals on one song....."Laid" by James.

The falsetto was a bitch initially, but I kinda found a way to tuck my balls away to get a higher pitch.

I'm also a big proponent of headset mics......I just love them.


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I was “the singer” in my last band, which had been primarily instrumental until I started writing songs. I’m not a good singer, but I project loudly, I have the stage energy and attitude, and I am aware of my pitch limitations. I’ll see if I can find a video.

Singing while drumming is hella difficult at first, but I treated it like an independence exercise, and it got better the more I did.

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I can definitely sing back-up. Have never tried singing lead (whilst in a band) while playing. But I'm always singing along when playing.

I like singing the high harmonies. . . . .my problem is I can't frickin' find the high harmony sometimes. . . . 🤔 HELP ME AL!!!


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I have sung lead, but I am not a fan of my voice in that capacity. I love the sound good harmonies. Always happy to contribute that way.

Other than swapping out gear due to wear and tear, I've been using this type of setup* (pics below) for years now. No fussing to fit another tripod base on small stages. No boom-arms cutting into/across the action zone. The mic floats to left of my face.


Close up of early incarnation of the rig. List of the parts used follows.

Part 1 - DW Mega Clamp (DWSMMG-1) Clamped to the base of the throne.

Part 2 - DW Mega Clamp V Ratchet & Tube (DWSMMG-2) Extends backwards off the throne base via part 1.

Part 3 - Neewer Boom Pole (NW-088) Held by the Mega Clamp on Part 2. Extends straight up with the base of pole just touching the floor.

Part 4 - On-Stage Telescoping Mini-Boom (MSA-9505) Connects to the top of Part 3.

Part 5 - On-Stage 6" Gooseneck (MSA9030-06B) Ensures I can position the mic exactly where I want.

Part 6 - Shure 55SH Series II I've tried a few vocal mics. Here's why I settled on this one for singing while drumming: 1) Unidirectional pattern only picks up what is right in front of the mic; 2) Solid metal body won't break if I clip it; 3) Streamlined - the mic cable doesn't stick out at a nasty angle; 4) Stays put. I've had other mics slip out the mic holder mid song. With this mic screwed on the goose neck, that will never happen; AND 5) It looks as great as it sounds! Compliments galore from band-mates, and the audience.

*Inspiration for this setup came from another member of DWF.
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Yup, I sing with the band I'm in. Our bass player sings the third above the lead, and I always sing the highest parts.

Here's a sampling (my apologies for posting the same video multiple times):

In the middle of a country medley you bust out "Purple Rain"! This Minneapolitan is impressed!