How many of you drummers can play the guitar.


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I do ok on rhythm guitar. I know chords, shapes, but I’m terrible at lead playing. Same for bass and keys.

I'm a fair guitar player and play bass in another band which is actually a better band than the one I play drums in.
This must drive you nuts!


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My degree was in classical guitar performance. Was a full time guitarist/teacher for a few years but eventually came back to drums, now I don't play guitar at all.


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Guitar is my primary.
All the bands I've been in I ask Mr. guitarist. "Les Paul or Strat? (some do have both). Last band 2 guitarists and both played Tele's.
So let me guess you like a heavier guitar with sustain for days?


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All the bands I've been in I ask Mr. guitarist. "Les Paul or Strat? (some do have both). Last band 2 guitarists and both played Tele's.
So let me guess you like a heavier guitar with sustain for days?
I play a fairly odd Les Paul model amongst LP enthusiasts. I play a 76 Les Paul Deluxe, where the mini humbuckers give it a Telecaster-ish chime. The guitar on the left was my Father's, and I was basically born playing it. The guitar on the right is the same year/model and I use it so that the cherry doesn't get any more mileage than necessary.

I do have Strats and Tele's, but they are not my daily drivers. Strats do not really fit my genre, but are terribly fun to play every once in a while. I think the last time I played out with one was in '97-ish.

Admittedly, the picture does conjure the image of a one-man "Thin Lizzy" tribute band......

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I'm an okay campfire chord player. My whole orientation on guitar is rhythmic. I don't pick, I strum. Strings have never captivated me -- from a playing perspective, I mean. I was born to drum.
Banjos are superbly rhythmic (no drums required in bluegrass) - and that's all pickin. (Apart from the grinnin.) 😁


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I just bought my first Acoustic Guitar this weekend . A Taylor GS Mini Koa model . It sounds wonderful , now I need to buckle down and learn to play it .

I also have a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass that I am learning to play as well . Ideally I want to get proficient enough on both to gig eventually .


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After a recent inventory of non-drum stuff, I have-
an oddball Strat
a P Bass
A J Bass
A PJ Bass
an active fretted 5 string bass
an active fretless 5 string bass
a damaged acoustic guitar I got free on CL and made into a bass using stuff from around the house
a bass synth
a midi controller keyboard
some other keyboards
a pianica
numerous effects pedals

plus, percussion stuff (djembe, tambourine, cowbells, wood blocks, etc).

Also, a digital recording setup with some basic plugins and a few basic mics and stands.

I studied music in college (no degree though), and also played upright bass there.

I've been playing bass and making music for so long I honestly almost don't know anything else. :D
I've used some and/or all of the above to make some music that's online... It's received positive comments, even though, to me, they're just demos more than anything, and moments captured just to help me remember them. ;)
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I love the drums but I'm a uke man first. I play drums at jams at my place as we usually don't have a drummer and you can't hear me over all the guys with their Teles and Strats. Here's a pic from the Canterbury Folk Festival.

I started playing the guitar 40 years ago, shortly before I fell in love with drums. I wouldn't consider myself a good guitar player, but I do a little picking, some jazzy chord progressions and of course some campfire strumming. But after 40 years I still suck trying to play any kind of guitar solo.

From guitar I moved on to the bass which became my second band instrument for a while. Throughout my 20ties I had played way more gigs as a bass player than a drummer :) It really helps to adjust to the bass a lot.


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First drum lesson was about 40 years ago. Couldn't have drums at home so I took up guitar about 35 years ago. Bass about 20 years ago. I am not great at any of them but competent on all of them


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I always wanted to play the electric guitar when I was a kid. When I was a teenager I had access to drums but not a guitar, so that’s what I played. Next thing I knew I was a drummer. By the time I had money for a guitar I just bought better drums. Back in my party and rock out every night era, I always had access to our guitarists rigs so I would goof around a lot. I bought a cheap Ibanez about 14 years ago and a less cheap C-1 Schecter about 6 years ago. I know a lot of 90s hard rock/metal songs but that’s about it. I had a bass for about 2 years. I‘ve never played guitar on stage but I did play 1 set on a bass.


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Just out doing something different i got a guitar 2 years back. Got a DVD to learn some songs (Status Quo) and played for some time. I don't play a lot though. Maybe a couple of times a month. Just for fun, nothing serious though. But if i put effort in it, i guess it could lead to becoming proficient.
Have 2 guitars now. One in standard tuning and the occasional drop D tuning. The other is in open G tuning for a couple of songs.

Sometimes i get inspired to figure out a song and spent an hour on YouTube figuring it out. That way i've 'learned' the intro part of Hemispheres by Rush and to play that main theme with chorus effect is just godlike. I can't play it good, mess up, but sometimes i nail it and that is just so rewarding. But just like drumming... if i need to force it, it takes the fun out of it haha