How many of you are self-taught?


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My experience was self-taught for twenty years or so, and then took lessons. I learned more and improved more as a player in that year than I did the first twenty.

As for fundamentals, I recently hired an excellent jazz drummer and educator, and at least half of the lesson, if not the whole hour, is him watching me play rolls and flams. I can rightly claim 40+ years of experience, and this is what he knows I need: rolls, flams, diddles. I wish I had realized long ago that I didn't need all the instructional DVDs and book-of-the-month to get that drumming wow factor. I just needed a qualified teacher to put me through the rudimental paces.
Agreed. I learned to play drums on my own, and for years just taught myself to play along to records, and in bands. However, it wasn't until I started taking lessons that my progress was exponential. It's such an incredible and invaluable investment on one's self-development!


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In 1960 I heard Teen Beat ( released in 59) ... the drummer was Sandy Nelson. I saved up and bought a pair of drumsticks for $1 I think it was. Next...I rounded up 'a set of cardboard boxes from a local grocery store. I got my first snare drum for Christmas 1965. I'm self taught except for a few lessons in 1966 and 1972 from the late Jazz drummer/teacher Jim Montizambert.
I'd say I'm an average drummer :)


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I feel you! My first instrument was the guitar, and I taught myself to play... My teachers were The Beatles, Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeth, etc... I think it's very important to learn more than one instrument in order to be a well-rounded musician.

yep...I started with drums at 3-4 years old...added piano and choir by age 7; bass guitar around 11; piano, drums and choir with instructors, bass guitar on my own.

In high school, I finally added a bass teacher when I hit the wall that only learning metal songs by ear got me to...and not that that was bad, but I needed fundamental instruction on a lot of stuff to surpass that wall

then in college, learned how to start on all instruments due to Music Ed degree


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I'm self taught but I took some lessons after I'd been playing for about five years. Later on I studied with a teacher for about a year.


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I’m 36 and 100% self taught.

It’s good and bad.

But I plan to take some lessons at some point in the future.

I taught my self by just playing all the time and playing along to other drummers.

And then I discovered a paradiddle on a Pearl
Video that had Eric Singer on it and I become obsessed with it. That alone changed my playing.

But I want to take lessons to hopefully in real all the bad habits I’ve developed over the years.