how many kits have you owned?

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I've owned 3 kits in my life.

Crestline 5-piece vintage. . .this baby had to be late 60s early 70s I would guess? Possibly a little older. I don't really know much about Crestline, and have Not owned it for over 20.

My 2nd was a Peavey Radial 6-piece in a black/grey marble finish. HUGE bass drum. LOVED this kit. Had to sell it. Still makes my stomach turn.

And now, I own a dDrum Journeyman Gen2 Player. Red sparkle. I started inexpensive. Been outta the game for a long time. Pieced together some vintage Zildjian cymbals--20" ride from the 60s, 16" thin crash-probably 20-30yrs old?, an 18"crash--probably a medium or a crash ride from the 60s, and some 14" new beats from the 70s. I added a couple cheapy Wuhan splashes 10" and 6" on stackers. . .not sure about that yet, but I wanted to experiment.

And I think my favorite piece is the 13x7 snare. The dDrum hardware looks "skinny" compared to the old Ludwig and Pearl and Peavey hardware I was used to seeing and using. But, they have memory locks and feel sturdy.
I had to purchase a boom, decided to stay with dDrum and picked up an RX version. Same quality, with some stronger add-ons.

I will post up pics hopefully later today.


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Oh man,

For only 15 years of drumming, I've probably owned too many kits. Let's see here:

First Kit: PDP EX in 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 16x16 w/ matching 14x5.5 snare.
Second Kit: Pearl Export in 22x18, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 13x10, 14x14, 16x16 w/ matching 14x5.5 snare.
Third Kit: DDrum Diablo in 22x20, 12x9, 14x14, 16x14 w/matching 14x6.5 snare.
Fourth Kit: Yamaha Tour Custom in 18x15, 12x8, 14x14.
Fifth Kit: Yamaha Stage Custom in 20x17, 10x7, 12x8, 14x14, 18x16
Sixth Kit (currently have): Ludwig Questlove in 16x14, 10x7, 13x11 w/ matching 14x5 snare.
Seventh Kit (currently have): Gretsch Renown in 24x14, 13x9, 16x16.

And I surprisingly have a picture of every kit (all below in chronological order).

Ever since the DDrum kit, I've always owned two kits at one time. I had the Pearl and DDrum together, both the Yammies together, and then the Gretsch and Ludwig I have right now.


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Dang obviously not enough kits. I must immune to GAS.


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7 if you count my electric drums and my first starter baby kit. I’m 14, yikes. To be fair, one of them I only had for about a month before the bassdrum leg broke.

First Act Baby kit
Tama (swingstar?)
Yamaha Manu Katche hip gig
Pdp Concept maple
Roland Td-1k
Ludwig Breakbeats
Gretsch Catalina
Throughout my whole drumming career I owned 5 kits:

1. Hoshino entry level drum kit (3 piece + matching snare) --> gone
2. Sonor Lite (7 piece) --> gone
3. Drumcraft Series 8 (6 piece + matching snare)
4. Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz (3 piece + matching snare)
5. Sonor Vintage Series (3 piece)

I've been drumming for 40 years now, so it's obviously not much :)


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I have owned/ own thirty drum sets. From 1967 to 1993 I had owned three kits. Since 1993 I have bought and sold 27 kits. I had seven kits last year and realized I only really use my Noble and Cooley Horizons and my Sonor Vintage series kit. I sold the other five sets and I am thrilled to get the extra room. My N&C kit is actually a shell bank (20/24 bass drums, 10/12 rack Toms, 14/16 floor Toms) all in black cherry burst Gloss lacquer. The Sonor Vintage series kit is a 20/12/14 with matching snare in onyx finish ( sadly discontinued).

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In 20+ years of drumming, I've played a lot of different kits:

- Early-80's Tama Imperialstar (10/12/13/16/24/14x6.5)
- Late-70's Sonor Phonic (13/14/16/22)
- 60's Apollo [Made in Japan] (12/16/22/14x5.5)
- Remo Acousticon (12/13/16/22/14x6.5)
- Pacific [PDP] CX Series (10/12/14/22/14x5)
- Yamaha Stage Custom Birch (10/12/14/20/14x5.5)
- Ludwig Classic Maple (10/12/15/20)
- Sound Percussion (12/14/20)
- Mapex MyDentity (12/14/20)
- Early 80's Pearl Export (12/13/16/22)

Snares include:

- 14x5.5 "No-Name" steel shell
- 14x5 Ludwig Acrolite (2x)
- 14x6 Tama Birch/Bubinga
- 14x6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic LM402
- 14x7 Pork Pie Maple/Cherry
- 13x6.5 Yamaha Musashi
- 14x5 Ludwig Supraphonic LM400
- 14x5.5 Pearl Mahogany Classic Limited Edition
- 14x5 Ludwig Standard
- 14x5 Ludwig Pioneer
- 14x4 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute


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Let’s see...

My first kit was a Ludwig Accent. In my junior year of high school I got a Pearl Masters Studio, which was my main kit for a decade all through college and so on. Picked up a 70s Ludwig stainless steel shortly after I graduated. Then I got a Yamaha Birch Absolute and sold the Pearls shortly after. Found a Rogers Holiday for a good price, and use that for gigs all the time; it’s about to get new edges and Yamaha die cast hoops. Got called to do a Beatles tribute show, found a Ludwig Standard in blue strata and restored it. Then I found some big walnut-finished Gretsches from 1981 in walnut. Then some massive matching Absolutes. The stainless got sold. And then I found a steal of a deal on some Caribbean Blue Gretsches from the late 80s.

So that’s eight kits total, and I still own five, unless you count the shell bank of Yamahas as two kits, in which case that’s six. I’ve probably owned thirty snares in the last seventeen years, but I currently own a dozen.

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Looks like 40 sets for me since 1974. Those in bold I still own.

1. Gretsch SSB (Chrome over Wood 22/12/14/16/14s)
2. Gretsch SSB (Walnut 24/12/16/18)
3. Gretsch Blackhawk (Black 22/13/16)
4. Japanese stencil (unknown brand) (BDP 20/12/14)
5. PDP Platinum (Black Oyster Glass 22/10/12/16)
6. DW Collectors (Green Glass Glitter 24/13/16)
7. PDP American Vintage (Red Sparkle 22/12/14)
8. Custom Classic (Red Fade 18/12/14/14s)
9. Gretsch SSB (Rosewood 22/13/16)
10. Ludwig Superbeat (WMP 20/13/16)
11. Ludwig Super Classic (Silver Sparkle 22/13/16)
12. Gretsch SSB (Walnut 20/12/14)
13. Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Outfit (BDP 22/13/16/14s)
14. Gretsch Renown RN1 (Natural Gloss 24/13/16)
15. Ludwig Legacy Mahogany (Vintage Nickel Sparkle 22/13/16/14s)
16. PDP Concept Maple Classic Wood Hoop (Tobacco 26/13/16/18)
17. SONOR Ascent (Crème White 18/12/14)
18. Pearl Wood Fiberglass Reissue (Piano Black 22/13/16)
19. Slingerland Gene Krupa Deluxe Outfit (Mahogany Lacquer 22/13/16)
20. Ludwig Legacy Classic (Oyster Black Pearl 22/13/16/14s)
21. SONOR Vintage Series Three 22 (Natural Satin 22/13/16/14s)
22. SONOR Vintage Series Three 20 (Natural Satin 20/12/14/14s)
23. Yamaha Recording Custom (Surf Green 24/13/16)
24. SONOR Prolite Stage 3 (Ruby Red 22/10/12/16/14s)
25. SONOR Ascent Jazz (Crème White 18/12/14)
26. INDē (Mahogany Stain 24/13/16/14s)
27. Premier Genista Bebop 20 (Rainbow Wood 20/12/14/14s)
28. SONOR Ascent Stage 3 (Ebony Stripe 22/10/12/16/14s)
29. SONOR Ascent Jazz (Burnt Fade 18/12/14/14s)
30. Ludwig Legacy Classic (2nd set) (Oyster Black Pearl 22/13/16/14s)
31. SONOR Prolite (Walnut Brown Burst 20/10/14/14s)
32. SONOR Prolite (Walnut Brown Burst 22/12/16/18/14s)
33. SONOR Newport (Walnut Roots 22/10/12/16)
34. SONOR SQ1 (Cruiser Blue 24/12/13/14/16/14s)
35. SONOR Sunset (Red Birdseye Maple 18/12/14/14s)
36. Hendrix Perfect Ply (Satin Walnut 22/13/16)
37. Gretsch Renown RN2 (Natural Gloss 24/13/16)
38. SONOR Prolite (Light Grey 22/10/12/14/16/14s)
39. Yamaha Tour Custom (Candy Apple Satin 22/10/12/14/16)
40. SONOR SQ1 (GT Black 24/12/13/14/16/14s)
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Thanks fellas this thread is a godsend I've been telling my wife I feel inadequate cause I've had to few drum kits-and now I've got evidence. I'm going to be cherry-picking contributions for effect.

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I may have missed a couple but this is all my pea brain can remember. Still own the one in bold. All the others are history.

Japanese-made blue sparkle 4 idea what sizes, long time ago ('67)
Ludwig Hollywood kit 22-12-13-16
Ludwig Walnut Thermogloss 24x14(x2)-14-15-16-18
Gretsch Catalina Maple 22-8-10-12-14-16/ 14x6
Mapex Saturn IV 22-10-12-14-16
Tama Starclassic B/B 22-10-12-16
Yamaha Stage Custom 20-10-12-14/14x5
Gretsch '57 22-10-12-16/ 14x6.5
Tama Starclassic Maple 22-10-12-14-16
Mapex Black Panther Black Widow 22-10-12-14-16/ 14x5
Gretsch Renown 22-10-12-13-16/ 14x5.5
Sonor Delite 22-10-13-16
Gretsch Brooklyn 22-10-12-14-16
Sonor Vintage Series 22-13-16/ 14x5.75
Gretsch USA Custom 22-10-12-16
Ludwig Classic Maple 24-12-13-16
Mapex Saturn V Tour 22-12-14-16
Sonor Prolite 22-8-10-12-16


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Currently I have the following:
1963 Slingerland (BDP, 12-13-16-22)
1971 Ludwig Hollywood (sparkle red, 12-13-16-22)
2018 Precision Drum (natural maple, 10-12-13-16-20)

Snare drums:
DW Performance 6.5x14
DW Design 5x14
PDP Concept Maple 5.5x14
Ludwig Pioneer (mid 1960s) 5.5x14
Ludwig Acrolite (mid 1970s) 5.5x14

Previous sets:
1977 Ludwig (sparkle red, 8-10-12-13-14-16-dual 20)
1989 Pearl Export (12-13-16-22)
1996 Yamaha Stage Custom (10-12-14-16-22)
2004 Yamaha Stage Custom (10-12-14-16-22)
2008 PDP CX (sparkle red, 10-12-14-16-22)
2010 PDP FX (natural, 10-12-14-16-22)
1971 Slingerland Avante (10-12-13-14-16-22)


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Current Kits

Ludwig Classic Mod 10" 12" 14"ft 16"ft 18 x 22 61/2 x 14 White Marine Pearl
Ludwig Classic 13"16"14 x 22 5 x14 snare Sky Blue Pearl
Ludwig Classic Birch 10" 12" 14" 16 x 22 5 x14 snare Sea Blue

Kits I've owned

Premier 5 piece which was my first real kit. I was 13 years old when I got it
Ludwig Super Classic 1994 kit.
Tama Starclassic 5 piece. White Silk
DW Collectors 5 piece Black Velvet


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Since 2005

Yamaha Gigmaker 10/12/14/ 20X16
PDP Concept Maple 10/12/14/16/ 22X18
Tama Starclassic Maple 10/12/16/ 22X16


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One, so far...but it hasn't even been a month since I got it... Give it time. ;)