how many kits have you owned?

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1982 - 4-piece Ludwig (Ringo style) traded
1983 - 7-piece no name kit (no idea what happened to it)
1986 - 5-piece Slingerland w/ concert toms. (eventually gave back to uncle)
1990 - 5-piece American Custom (eventually pawned for cash)
1991 - Got the Slingy's back
1998 - 5-piece Tama Rockstar (Gave back the Slingy's)
2006 - 4-piece Tama Imperialstar (sold the Rockstars)
2011 - Gave away the Imperialstars
2012 - Built a 4-piece stencil kit w/ concert toms
2013 - 5-piece Tama Rockstar Pro
2015 - 4-piece Ludwig Element Icon Birch


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A lot I guess, but spread over 50 years of playing.

Ludwig &Leedy 4 pc from the 40's
Pearl 60's 4pc 60's cheapy
Ludwig classic 4 Pc wmp
Ludwig classic double bass gold sparkle
Vox Telstar (Trixon)
Ludwig classic 5pc black lacquer
CB 700 5pc
Pearl CZX 5pc
Sonor Hi-lite 7pc black Galaxy
Slingerland 4pc maple bop
Slingerland 5pc Champaign sparkle
Sonor S-class 6 pc
Tama swingstar 5pc metallic blue
DW collectors (buddy rich) wmp
Trixon Telsar 4pc blue sparkle
Trixon Speedfire 4 pc gold sparkle
Trixon Speedfire/Telstar purple marine Pearl*
Taye Go-kit
DW Classics 5pc BDP*
DW collectors 7pc red sparkle*
DW collectors 7pc short stack Tangerine sparkle*

Home Made kit 70's
Roland DDR-30
DDrum 3
Roland TD-10
Roland TD-20
Roland TD-9
Yamaha 502*

* still have ;)


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Kits I no longer have, dating from age 11 to 42 yrs old:

-Ludwig Club Date (red sparkle)
-Rogers Londoner (blue sparkle)
-Premier Resonator (white)
-Tama Superstar (1980's mahogany stain)
-Leedy (Gold Satin Flame)
-Rogers Holiday (champagne sparkle)

Kits I still have:
-Rogers Holiday (champagne sparkle, not the same one as above)
-Gretsch Brooklyn (satin mahogany finish)
-Yamaha Club Custom (dark wood finish)

I've also had a Gretsch Catalina Club jazz briefly as a practice space kit, and a beater Shine Drum Co. kit for the practice space too.


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La Boz
Simmons SDS8
Yamaha Rock Tour
Yamaha Club Custom (old model)
Pearl Masters
Yamaha Absolute maple/birch combo
Yamaha Oak Custom
Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig (never should have sold it :-()
DW Performance, lasted 2 months
Yamaha Live Oak
Yamaha new Tour Custom
Gretsch Catalina Bop kit
Yamaha Hybrid Maple
Yamaha Oak Custom round 2 :)
Currently using in bold.


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1... i can only work 70 hours a week, have tried more, it gets to be too much, so won't be affording another kit in my lifetime.. i only hate mine a little so it's ok :)


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Owned and own a total of 5. My first kit was a Pearl Export '99 Anniversary Edition kit that i bought in 1999. Stil regret to this day selling it on 2003. 22x16, 10x10, 12x10, 13x11, 16x16 and 14x5.5 steel snare. Sounded great and had this amazing Deep Blue finish (still have a weak spot for blue kits haha).

Bought in 2002 an Osan Runner in a black wrap and was the reason for selling the Export, because i was under the impression that a better mounting system equaled a better kit. 22x16 bass, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12 and 14x5.5 snare. Used this kit for 10 years before it started to fall apart and was time to get a new kit. Eventually sold this kit to a friend in 2014 or 2015.

Got an Alesis DM10 in 2012/2013 and upgraded to mesh heads myself. Fine practice kit and have it setup at home, but rarely play it anymore since i dislike the feel and triggering since i have a set at home with Remo Silentstrokes and Zildjian L80's.

Got a Pearl Vision VBA in Dynamite Burst in 2012. Great sounding and looking kit. 22x18, 10x7, 12x8, 14x12, 16x14 and 14x5.5" snare. I keep this kit in a practice space and still play it.

My pride and joy is my Pearl Masters BCX in Lava Bubinga. 22x18, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9 and 16x16. Got a 14x14" after a 6 months wait period. I always wanted a high-end birch kit, but Pearl had just discontinued the higher end birch line in the Masters series, hence i got the VBA. But when the BCX came out in 2013 i knew i needed to get one. Eventually tracked down a b-stock 22x18 bass, so i finally have a double bass kit when i want to play it haha. Currently this kit is my practice kit at home (with mesh heads and Zildjian L80's). Using the 10, 12 and 16 toms and b-stock bass with mesh head. Only take this kit out for recordings or 'worthy' gigs ;)


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Around 20 I think, since I got my first kit in 1992. Will try to remember most of them:

- 70's Unknown brand, brown oyster finish (Swingstar steel snare)
- 1995 Yamaha Power V Special, piano black
- 2002 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute, cherry wine
- 2004 Tama Rockstar double bass kit, piano black
- 2004 Sonor Force 2003, blue stain
- 2005 Tama Starclassic Performer, blue galaxy fade
- 2006 Mapex Saturn III, cherry sparkle
- 2006 Sonor Force 3005 double bass kit, cherry red
- 2007 Sonor Force 3007, midnight blue burst
- 2007 Tama Starclassic Bubinga, black to natural burst (can't remember exact finish name)
- 2007 Tama Superstar double bass kit, brushed black finish
- 2008 Tama Starclassic B/B double bass kit, blue galaxy fade
- 2012 Pearl Vision VBX, midnight blue fade
- 2012 Tama Starclassic Maple, red sparkle burst
- 2013 Sonor Essential Force double bass kit, red fade
- 2013 Mapex Black Panther Black Widow, transparent black
- 2014 Mapex Saturn IV double bass kit, cherry mist rosewood fade

And current kit,
- 2015 Pearl Masters BCX double bass kit, piano black

Also have a Alesis Forge e-kit, and have had 3 Roland kits before (TD6, TD4 and TD9)
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Coulda sworn I answered this, but probably it was a similar thread.

1) Old Japanese stencil kit ("Westwood"), 14x20/8x12/5x14, with a Ludwig Pioneer snare, 6 lugs each drum.
2) Sears "Blackhawk" kit - not the Gretsch kits they sold for some years, but a Taiwanese stencil kit that came out in the late 80's. 14x22, 8x12, 9x13, 5.5x14 steel stamped snare, 6 lugs each drum.
3) 1st Gen Yamaha Stage custom in raven black, 16x20/8x8/8x10/10x12/12x14/14x16 (still owned)
4) 1971-era Ludwig Standard in blue strata, 14x22/9x13, with 5x14 aluminium snare; rewrapped an old Ludwig floor tom (16x16) to match (current kit)

The first picture is the only one I have near to hand of the first two kits, jammed together a la Neil circa 1989 - Blackhawks to my right with the Westwood kick and rack tom on my left hand. (The Ludwig floor tom that got rewrapped in my Standard kit is actually on the left of this kit behind the hi-hat.) Then of course the other two.





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My first set was some 60's era Pearl (it had the old Pearl logo on the drums). Bought that at 13, sold it when I was 17.
Second set I still have, my Sonor 2001's. Bought that at 17, still my 'main' set.
Then bought some 70's Pearls. Bought them to teach lessons and for jazz gigs, but ended up only teaching for a couple years and never did jazz gigs. Ended up doing the vast majority of my gigs on this set while I had it. Bought it at 22, sold it earlier this year (at 31).
Then got a cheap ass Rhythm Traders set to leave at my old band's rehearsal space since we moved spaces. Sadly this band didn't last much longer, and my set is still there years later. Bought it at 26, been wanting to sell it for years. Too lazy to pick it up (we're still friends and in contact, so no worries there).
Bought a Sonor Bop set, which effectively replaced the 70's Pearl as a regular gigging set. Bought it at 29. My newest set.


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Japanese-made blue sparkle 4 idea what sizes, long time ago ('67)
Ludwig Hollywood kit 22-12-13-16
Ludwig Walnut Thermogloss 24x14(x2)-14-15-16-18
Gretsch Catalina Maple 22-8-10-12-14-16/ 14x6
Mapex Saturn IV 22-10-12-14-16
Tama Starclassic B/B 22-10-12-16
Yamaha Stage Custom 20-10-12-14/14x5
Gretsch '57 22-10-12-16/ 14x6.5
Tama Starclassic Maple 22-10-12-14-16
Mapex Black Panther Black Widow 22-10-12-14-16/ 14x5
Gretsch Renown 22-10-12-13-16/ 14x5.5
Sonor Delite 22-10-13-16
Gretsch Brooklyn 22-10-12-14-16

Sonor Vintage Series 22-13-16/ 14x5.75
Gretsch USA Custom 22-10-12-16

Still have kits in bold.
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15 to 17.

I will say that back in the Seventies I owned fewer than I should have. I should have tried out, and bought, a new kit or two, because my main one had issues.

As an older man I have owned more than I should have, because I did not have the means to try before I bought and I had to find my way through experimentation. I think that online drum sources contribute to drummers buying their way through many kits!

Total over the years, somewhere between 15 and 17 kits, including many short-lived e-kits.


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1 - 1982 - Premier Royale in Black. (re wrap) (Knackered but a first kit) Sold in 1988
2 - 1988 - Pearl Export double bass kit in Stainless. Sold half 1996 & the rest 2015
3 - 1991 - Pearl World Series in Red. Lost this kit somewhere :(
4 - 2015 - Pearl MLX in Piano Black. Sold 2016
5 - 2015 - Yamaha Recording Custom in Cherry (Still own)
6 - 2016 - Yamaha Rock Tour Custom in Hot Red (Still own)
7 - 2016 - Alesis DM10 Mesh (Still own but it's shit & relegated to practice only)
8 - 2017 - Pearl Export ELX in Transparrent Black. Sold 2017
9 - 2017 - Premier Artist Maple in Trevardi Green. Sold 2018
10 - 2018 - Mapex Saturn in Transparrent Walnut (Still own)