how many kits have you owned?


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One kit to my name. Tama Superstar 9 piece outfitted with Paiste 2oo2's and Sigs. Had to sell it to pay the rent. Saddest day of my life.
Man.. I know how that must have hurt. Bigger and better things on the horizon.!


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I currently own 5.
I have owned a total of 6 kits since 1970.
I still regret selling the one!


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I am now on my second kit.
I had a 1978 Birch premier super olympic (rebranded HAMMA) which got destroyed in a fire 13"T 14"T 16"FT 14"sn 20"BD.
I am now on a Pacific (by DW) CX kit 10"T 12"T 14"FT 16"FT 22"BD 14"SN

If I had the money I would get a DW collectors.


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Dozens. I change my set up sometimes as much as once a week. I acquire drums the way armpits acquire stink... They just come to me. That being said, it can get confusing. On last count, there were 36 shells at my house and 5 at my rehearsal studio...


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14 kits, countless snares. Last two kits on the list I still own.

1. 50's Gretsch round badge - Blue Sparkle . . . 13/13/16/22
2. Slingerland (entry level kit) from the late 80's - Black . . . 12/13/16/22
3. 70' Ludwig Vistalite - Blue . . . 12/13/16/22
4. Premier Genista - Ermine Laquer . . . 10/12/16/18/22
5. Phattie (birch shells) - Black Glitter/Red Glitter/Black Glitter stripe . . . 12/14/16/20
6. Roland V-Club kit
7. 70's Ludwig 3ply maple - White Marine , , , 13/16/22
8. Vintage Barclay kit - Blue Sparkle . . . 13/14/20
9. Vintage Japanese no-name kit I got for FREE - Blue Sparkle . . . 12/16/20
10. Phattie (maple shells) - Red Glass Glitter . . . 12/14/16/22
11. Premier Sereis maple - Black . . . 10/12/13/14/16/18/22/24
12. '09 Ludwig Classic Maple - Champagne Sparkle . . . 10/12/16/22
13. Pacific CX maple - Red/Black fade . . . 12/14/16/22
14. Risen Drums - White Marine Pearl w/ Black Diamond Pearl wood hoops . . . 12/14/16/22


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I have only owned 4 kits, but currently I own:

1990 Yamaha Power Tour Customs (12,13,16,18,22, and 14 in. brass snare) I use this kit for jam sessions.

2010 Pacific M5 Maple (10,12,14,22, and 14 in. maple snare) I have Sound Offs on this kit because I live in the city and needed a kit to practice at home.

Past kits:
1969 Ludwig Trixon (12,14,20, and 14 in. brass snare) I still kick myself for selling this kit...
I was a teen and sold it to buy a guitar and half-stack (American Telecaster Plus & Fender Super Amp 4x10 combo)

1994 Pearl Export Series (12,13,16,22, and 14in. steel snare)


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Just got my third.

1996 - 2001: Jean Grey Autocrat I bought out of the classifieds for $300. 20x18, 16x16, 10(ish)x8. Purple. I had no idea what it was at the time and I couldn't get a head to fit the tom (it measured 10.25" or something iirc) so I bought a Westbury 12x12" and put it on a snare stand in place of the original. Bought a 13x3" Pearl maple piccolo snare a year later.

Cymbals ( an * means I sold it, a # means I broke it):
10" Zildjian A Custom Splash *
13" Zildjian K/Z HiHats *
14" Zildjian A Thin Crash #
14" Zildjian Edge HiHats *
16" Zildjian Oriental China Trash *
16" Sabian AA Chinese #
16" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash *
16" Zildjian A Custom Crash *
17" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash *
20" Sabian B8 Ride #
21" Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride *

2001 - 2009: Yamaha DTXtreme. 5 drums, 3 cymbal wedges & 1 bell trigger. Sold in 2009.

2011 - Present: Mapex Black Panther Blaster. 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16, 22x18. Dunnett 14x6.5 Stainless Steel.

14" Zildjian K Mastersound HiHats
18" Zildjian K Custom Session Crash
18" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
22" Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride


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1965 - Top left - That's me on my first kit - a Japanese kit of some kind - about $300 then. This is the only existing photo of me and those drums.


Hey there. I think I may have something you might be interested in! I believe I have the 1965 kit you are pictured with.
Only two. I was given a Pearl Export in 2000 and I kinda wish I had the room to keep it - sentimental reasons probably, but after 12-13 years I figured it was time to move onto something bigger and better. My current kit is a Tama Starclassic Bubinga.


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I've owned four different brands of kits in the last twelve years, in chronological order:

-Pacific EZ series

-Mapex Mars Pro Series

-OCDP Avalon Series

- Yamaha Rock Tour Series

I've had a variety of hardware, and cymbals over the years, including Pacific, Tama, Axis, Sabian, Paiste, and Zildjian.

Went from Iron Cobras to Axis longboards recently, and loving the direct drive over the chain.

chris J

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Approx. 1970:
4 piece Pearl Bolero set in blue sparkle, this was a used very basic set,
plain old 13" rack, 16" floor, 22" bass and a wooden 14 X 5" snare

Approx. 1972
5 piece Sonor "The Swinger" in light blue pearl finish, an entry level kit e/w
12" 13" rack toms, 16 X 16" floor tom, 22 X 14" bass drum and metal 14 X 5" snare

purchased 1990, sold 2001
Yamaha Tour Custom, black, e/w:
8 X 8, 10 X 10" 12 X 10", 13 X 11" rack toms
stand mounted 14 X 14", 15 X 15" and 16 X 14" toms
20 X 16" bass
eventually I picked up a Yamaha SD-493 brass snare to go along with this set

Approx. 1993
Rogers green sparkle "Holiday", vintage mid 60's
12, 13, 14 floor tom, 20 X 14" bass drum, no snare
traded in 1994 for a:
Rogers silver sparkle "Holiday" kit, vintage mid 60's
12", 13", 14 X 14" floor tom, 20" X 14" and a 22" X 14" bass drums, I only use one bass drum at a time
eventually I picked up a Rogers COB 14 X 5" Powertone and a COB 14 X 5" Dynasonic snare of similar vintage to go with the Rogers
Ayotte Custom in cherry red wood grain:
8 X 8", 10 X 9", 12 X 10" rack toms
14 X 14" and 15 X 15" floor toms with LEGS
22 X 18" bass drum
no matching snare

I currently have seven, I have my eye on an eigth never ends....


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I've owned five different brands of kits in the last eight years since i started playing, in chronological order:
1. Pearl Target
2. Sonor 3007 maple
3. DDrum Dios Maple
4. Crush Chameleon Ash
5. Mapex Orion Special Edition


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Total: 6.

Linko 5 pieces: 22, 14 snare, 12, 13, 16. Black. Decent beginner second hand kit, eventually sold it to get the 2nd kit.
Pearl Session 5 pieces: 22, 14 snare, 12, 13, 16. Chrome Finish. Bought brand new and sold to get the 3rd kit.
Pearl Master Maple 5 pieces: 22, 10, 12, 13, 16. Ebony finish. Bought new right before the next upgrade, so had a good deal.
Ludwig Super Classic Blue Sky Diamond dated around 1969. 22, 12, 13, 16. Bought in the middle of a big flea market, right by the street from someone who clearly had no idea what he was selling. "Happy to see it going !!" He said. Happy me !

Kits #3 and #4 sold for cash due to relocation abroad.
No regrets on the Pearl MMS but still can visit the vintage Luddys as the new owner is a good friend of mine.

5th (and still current kit):
Ludwig Centennial 2009 (100th anniversary sizes) 3 pieces 24x20, 12x8, 16x15 Silver sparkle. Bought a little bite used with good deal since it was exposed to UVs for a while in the shop. Little "Ginger Aled" very vintage like !

Classic Maple - Vintage Blue Oyster "Fab" kit. Had a few cosmetic defaults and was sold after a demo/event day. So I had it at a fair price including the matching snare.
Sold it few months after for nearly the same price I paid for. Not entirely happy with the sound (kick mainly, too high pitched thudy "tennis" ball sounding) and didn't have the chance to use it live that often so no regret.


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Odd-Arne Oseberg

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1967..... 4 piece gold sparkle Kent
1973.... 7 piece red Ludwig Vistalite, lost in a house fire October 2012
1975.... 7 piece blue sparkle Rogers lost in the same fire as a above
2013.... 7 piece vintage Premier.



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Just two, still own them both.

Gretsch Renown 24/16/13 in DIGS
Roland TD30K

I'm about to buy another kit- a Gretsch Brooklyn or perhaps a Tama Starclassic Bubinga.

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In order of ownership:

1. Westbury 5 pce beginner kit - SOLD (acquired 1997)
2. Sonor S-Class (1998)
3. Mapex Saturn (2012)
4. Yamaha Stage Custom - SOLD
5. DDrum Defiant - SOLD (2013)
6. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch - SOLD (2014)
7. Gretsch Catalina Ash - SOLD
8. Crush Acrylic Bop (2015)
9. Sleishman Maple
10. Mapex Tornado - SOLD
11. Tama Birch Bubinga Starclassic

I owned and played the same Sonor kit for 14 years and I've been actively purchasing and selling for about 3 years... mind you I bought some of them because they were too cheap not to buy (and sell on when I was done) or they came with some parts that I wanted to poach. I didn't lose money on any of them. I won the DDrum in a comp too, so that worked out nicely.

I might have to downsize in the near future, that will be tough.