how many kits have you owned?

muttley crew

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1.) '60's Ludwig (red sparkle)
2.) '60's Rogers (blue sparkle)
3.) '70's Premier (white)
4.) '80's Tama Superstar (brown laquer)

Don't have any of these kits now - currently shopping around and most likely will end up with either a Ludwig Classic Maple or Gretsch New Classic 4 piece.


Well lets see!
Early 1960's Ludwig silver sparkle
Mid 60's to early 70's - Gretsch Champagne sparkle - like this set also, bass drum was 20in too small.
Early 70's Rogers Holiday with swivamatic hardware - Blue Sparkle - loved this set
Early 80's Yamaha recording natual finish - still have them still like them and they still look new!
I have updated the hardware on a regular basis.

I am pretty anal about keeping my sets looking good.

Contemplating on getting Yamaha Maple custom set.


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Hello all,

I have several kits and you can see them at my website at

I have a few kits not listed yet they are:

DW Neil Peart r30 drum kit. Only 30 kits worldwide. They are still in the boxes.
Gretsch Renown Maple kit, pics to come soon.

Jeff Ocheltree 6.5 x 14 Carbon Steel snare drum.



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1970 - 1977 '68 Ludwig 4 piece Hollywood in Champagne
1977-2004 - Stopped playing
2004 - Gammon 5 piece in Blue Sparkle
2005 - Yamaha 5 piece Rydeen in Red Sparkle
2006 - Yamaha 6 piece Stage Custom Nouveau in Fade Brown
2007 - Sonor 5 piece 3005's in Natural
2008 - Gibralter Rack System

I have kept all the kits since 2004. Deeply regret selling my Luddy kit in '77. Moral: Never listen to an ex-wife! I'm saving for a Gretsch Renown 5 piece Euro in Gold Sparkle for a Father's Day gift....



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I have one. The Ludwig accent cs custom. But im starting to save up for some green sparkle classic maple drums along with the B/O badges.


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I have owned 10 kits I believe. 8 acoustic and 2 electronic.
I currently have three kits in my house, two high end Sonor kits, a Signature Bubinga/Beech Heavy 10 piece kit and a 7 piece Designer Ebony with Gold Hardware (one of twenty five) Five Star Special, and a Roland TD6-V.


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I have had 4 through the years.

1) 5 pc Pearl Export Series

2) 15 pc Pearl World Series

(this one was a MONSTER! & it was just coming out of the 1980s)

3) 6 pc Tama Swingstar
( it sucked)

4) 6 pc Custom Lewis set is what I currently have with a 23"x26" cannon for a bass drum.


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I've been playing off and on for about 50 years. I haven't owned that many.

My first it was in 1963, a white marine pearl Lyra (Japaneese for "firewood") that I had untill the early 1980's. It was a pretty good old kit, though. I kept her in good condition.

The second I acquired in 1973, a new set of Zickos special orded straight from the factory (see avatar). It was stolen last November. :-(

My 3rd kit is a no name blue 3 pc I bought in the 90's for pit work so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving my good kit unatended in a theater. It doesnt sound bad, either.

My 4th kit is a Pearl Forum bought in the early 2000's from the want ads. It had a lot of cymbals to go with it. I paid $250 for it and didn't know a lot about drum kits at the time. I am currently giging with this one. It's not bad, has a good sound. I'm convenced the 9/10 of a good drum set is tuning.



there is the ..........

NEW ONE............

Stay tuned.

Soon, my pretty.


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My first kit was a Mapex. Entry level, rather bad.
Now I'm playing on a Shine Select Custom. 100% maple, really like it.

Think I'll buy a Mapex Saturn after the summer. Or... make a little "club kit", kinda' like the one Benny Greb play sometimes. Snare (would be Benny Greb's signature snare, LOVE it, overpriced though), bass drum, maybe even a floor tom. Just a good ride (hehe, I'm thinking 'bout the Sand Ride) and a hi-hat.


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In my 13 years of drumming, only two sets for me thus far.

  1. 1998ish - Yamaha Stage Custom with Yamaha Steel Snare and Zildjian ZBT cymbals. Originally bought as the five piece, later upgraded to an eight piece and upgraded the cymbals as well.
  2. 2010 - Yamaha Rock Tour, six piece with matching Rock Tour snare, and Zildjian A Custom cymbals.

Stage Custom pictured here as a six piece:

Rock Tour:

The Stage Custom served me well for a number of years; I actually brought them to church every Sunday before they bought their own. Then I went crazy and turned it in to an eight piece monster to play at home. Then for the longest time I was practicing at church, playing at church, and that was enough for me. Then when my brother and I started gigging around town I started itching for something new. The Stage Custom lives at his house now, and the Rock Tour goes on gigs and otherwise lives in my basement where our band practices.

At this point I don't see myself going more than ten years between drum sets ever again.
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I'm not really one to trade out kits every few years.

Pearl Export, bought in 1988.
part of it was stolen in 1993. The rest I sold around 2002 or 2003.

Slingerland something, with Rodgers hardware. I bought it used in 1990 or so. I was convinced that all real pro's had two kits, so I needed a 2nd kit. I don't know why this one, because I really didn't like it, although it was handy have when the Pearl Export was stolen, so I could still make rehearsals and gigs. I sold it in 1995.

Premier Signia, purchased new in 93/94. Still have it.

DW Collectors, purchased used off of ebay in 2000/2001. Still have it.

I haven't bought a drum set in over 10 years.


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too many.

Kent Champagne Sparkle
Ludwig 1959 Blue Sparkle 13-16-22
Pearl white wood/fiberglass 6-8-10-12-13-14-16-18-24
*Pearl MX maple black wrap 10-12-13-14-22
*Remo Encore acousticon 8-10-12-14-22
Pearl MLX Sequoia Red lacquer 12-13-16-22
Pearl BLX White lacquer 12-13-16-22
Pearl BRX Sunburst 8-10-12-14-16-22
*DW Collectors Tequila Sunrise 8-10-12-14-16-22
*DW Collectors Blue Sparkle 10-12-14-16-24
Ludwig 1960 White Marine Pearl 13-16-22
WFL 1958 Silver Sparkle 13-16-22
*Ludwig Psych Red reissue 12-13-14-16-22
*Ludwig 1968 Black Oyster Pearl 13-16-22
*PDP X7 Silver-Black Burst 8-10-12-14-16-22
*Gretsch Catalina Jazz Copper Sparkle 10-12-14-18
*Yamaha Recording Custom cherry 10-12-14-16-22
*Ludwig Standard Ruby Strata 12-13-16-22
*Ludwig Clear Vistalite 12-14-16-22
*Dixon Outlaw Black Burst 12-14-16-24

* = still have

wy yung

Maxwin 5 piece.
Pearl 70's maple. (The Downunder kit)
Pearl 8 piece MLX.
Pearl 5 piece BLX.
Slingerland 1961 modern jazz outfit.
Tama Starclassic.
Pearl Masterworks.

Plus many snares, cymbals etc. Various percussion. Many many cowbells.


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Revised October 2018
I currently have 4 sets now :
Noble and Cooley Horizon
Slingerland 80n
TRS Custom
Ludwig Legacy Classic formerly owned by Bun E Carlos

Kits I have owned in the past
Japanese stencil kit badged Supreme
Pearl - 2 kits ( 1 wood fibreglass, 1 70’s kit)
Tempus -1 kit
Gretsch -7 kits (6 USA Custom, 1 Catalina)
Wells Custom -3 kits
DW - 2 kits
Premier - 1 kit
Whitney. - 2 kits
Ludwig -3 kits ( Legacy Classic and Element SE and WFL)
INDe -1 kit
Yamaha - 7 kits ( 2 x RC ; 3 x Club Custom; 1 Oak Custom, 1 x Hip Gig)
Grover Percussion -1 kit
Traps -1 kit

I don't want to get into cymbals, as I don't have time to list them all. :)
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I posted this once before, but here I go again. I'm actually missing two kits in this roll-up as I can't find any pictures of them.


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I'm 44 years old and only on my second kit. (Snare drums are another story).

I'm going to tell my wife i'm way behind in the kit department and need to catch up!


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One kit to my name. Tama Superstar 9 piece outfitted with Paiste 2oo2's and Sigs. Had to sell it to pay the rent. Saddest day of my life.